What Everyone MUST Know About Hackers

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Outside of the principles and techniques that we learn in The Consumer Guide To Digital Security, the presentation of What Everyone Should Know About Hackers - Who and Why, covers the below information that everyone from C-suite to development should watch:

  • 4 main category of hackers and why you should consider these categories of hackers in the context of your company, development approach and business ideas
  • Diving into the incentives (the why) of hackers and tying these incentives to the main categories
  • Covering misconceptions about hackers involving competitive hacks, intelligence agencies, and more
We also provide some resources that viewers may find useful related to both cybersecurity and incentives. In addition, pending HE WHO CANNOT BE NAMED, we may have a Zero Days showing later this year in the area. Given the timeframe, this is pending because we may not have a venue.

YouTube | Automating ETL | T-SQL In 2 Hours | Consumer Guide To Digital Security

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I really appreciate your work! Thank you.

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