The Family Botanic Trip

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Last year we went to the botanic gardens which I had forgotten about for quite a while. We wanted to go out on a family outing, so we went there, however, it was probably not the best place to go in sweltering weather now I think of it. Due to the hot weather we didn't get around to doing much other than eating a bunch of snacks, but I did catch a few photos before we went back home.



This place reminded me of the spooky forests you'll see.






My dad found some pigeons to feed!

We also went and had a walk around a nice airconditioned museum which had some very interesting information about the indigenous people. Including some very cool sights like this!



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I know a young lady who can catch pigeons with her bare hands. Haven't seen her eat them, but I have my suspicions ;)

I'd be very suspicious too!

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