MONOMAD - The Skateboarder

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This is my entry for #monomad challenge

Meet Adray , the street skateboarder in Jakarta Indonesia. I meet this young man when i was wondering and photo hunting around the city of Jakarta . He just 11 years old and has start enjoying skateboard since was 6 years old because his brother is also skateboarder. He do a lot of trick which is consider good in his ages.

I tell him just play around while im taking his picture and guess what , taking movement object is very difficult. I do those panning shot a lot of time until i get good picture of it. Lucky , he say that its ok because he also training to get his skill better. I show him some of the picture and he loves it.

I believe he ll become pro if he continue his passion in skateboarding. I just tell him do not get injured during his training. Among a lot of picture that i take , this is some of good picture of him . Well , like him , i also still learning to become better photographer.







This is very cool!! Great skill to capture this moments 😍👍👍👍

Plsease teach me masta

Nice capture! the freeze time and panning is just perfect and on point! Good job!

Thanks @tawadak24 . :)

you are welcome sumandak :D

Capturing images from the air is difficult, you have taken great shots!!!!

!discovery 30

Thanks for the compliment . It just a few good shot from many bad shot but still better than zero good shoot. But its ok , its a learning process .

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Thanks for featuring . I really appreciate that