What do you mean? @nathen007
You want to see all my shots of that day and moment that I took with my camera? Didn’t see you there… only another family.
This photograph was for sure taken by me.
I can proof this.

I was teasing! Sorry, I forget everyone is not native English speaker because you are so fluent.

I was mocking myself! I said the alligator looks exactly like me when I wake up and before I drink my coffee!

Sorrrryyyy, I didn't mean to upset you. My joke was lost in translation!

It sure was lost in translation… so sorry… for misunderstanding… yes English is my 4th language hahaha in learning order. So sometimes this brings some interesting situations along. As proven once again 😉 still learning as I didn’t have it in school.

I truly thought you meant it when reading it. I missed the “of” bit… one of the things I get wrong “from or of” hahaha no harm done.
I just learned again something 😎🤓

Aha got you now… before the coffee bit. Me too 😎 can’t work without.

Happy Monday further 👋🏻☀️

4th language? Incredible! How embarrassed am I. Most English native speakers can't even speak English very well!
Have a great week :-)

Thank you kindly @nathen007 😎 doing my best.
Lived in 5 countries so far.
When I was in school I didn’t like languages wasn’t even good at them, so dropped English when we could chose out of German and English next to Dutch. My mistake hahaha I thought as German was my first spoken language it would be easy to chose that when I lived in the Netherlands and went to school.
Now many many moons later I see it was a wrong choice. Learned English through the telly, music and speaking it since 2011… so basically the parrot fashion way. Now writing here, makes me discover words are different than I thought. And pronounce them. When I speak them, to when I write. Like heart and heard. To and too… Or built and build…etc. I keep muddling them up hahaha
If you see something that doesn’t add up in my writing, feel free to correct me 😎 it does help.

But… life is a long learning curve 😉😁 you are never to old to learn.