Meet the monk in Luang Prabang , Laos (19 PICTURE)

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It wake up as early as 4 o'clock in the morning . It cold in Luang Prabang in early morning , so i just brush my teeth and get ready to meet the monk .

Town view at early in the morning

Empty chair along the road

The early person i see in the morning


Every morning , the monk will give their blessing for the people. The people will give them anything , but most of all they ll give food for the monk upon the bless.

There is a lot of temple around Luang Prabang . They have they own route for give their blessing. As usual , the monk will collect food for their lunch and dinner every morning.

This is some picture taken by me during that morning.

Waiting for monk to come by

The elderly sit at his chair to wait the monk come

Monk parade


People sit along the road while giving food for the monk that pass by

Giving the important gift to the head monk

Some tourist join to give food for the monk




The late comer , sit before the temple

The monk still give their bless before going back to temple


The local will come and clean up the chair

The monk put out some food to reduce stuff in their container

I realize that at early in the morning , the local will selling the food for offering and rent the chair for their space. In my opinion , even though the local has capitalist the monk activity , but i think it is ok as long the price is not expensive .

They also can give some those money for monk offering . The local has to be pay for their services for providing the food and chair. I have see some place was chaos because no system like this in other place.

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Cambodia has a very similar morning tradition, but the Cambodian monks don't patrol the streets for alms this early. Instead, they wait until most small businesses are open, and this increases their chances for more donations. In Luang Prabang it looks like many locals wake up early just for this occasion, very cool.

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