Diablo 2 - Resurrected - And Dead Again

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Diablo 2 - Lord of Destruction. Countless hours were spent. Countless items were farmed. And a huge hype train was rolling upon us when Blizzard anounced a remaster of the game with which many of us spent their childhood with.

But the disappointment was even bigger...


So, what exactly happened?

Let me start with some current state evidence to give you an overview on what the game is like. I mean, not everything is bad, to be fair.


Of course, I created my Wirago, a Hammerdin. Same as I did like 20 years ago.
I also started to build a Poison Necromancer ... also as I did 20 years ago.
As you can see, I only managed to motivate myself to level in the mid 70s. Actually, I expected to be in the late 90s by now. With proper gear and everything. But no...


The Good and the Ugly in a single screenshot.
Good: the extented character stats. Diablo is and always has been like 75% math. And more numbers are always great.

Ugly: Why the hell is the inventory still that tiny? And I don't even have a lot of charms on this character! They improved the stash but let the inventory as crippled as it was in the original game.


For comparison, the reworked stash is much bigger and has shared sections which makes it fast and easy to trade items between your own characters without the need of creating mule-chars to be able to carry items from one character to the other.
A really nice improvement. No impact on actual gameplay. But yet, not applied to the character inventory. boooh!


Next up the talent tree.
Yes, the talents and build are as simple as they were back then. And I am totally fine with that. Most players actually are.
But why not make it more neat? Too few icons on too much screen so that the trees like pretty empty. Some more beautiful solution wouldn't be that hard, I guess.

A big plus though is the graphical overhaul.
Per key-press you can instantly switch between the new and the old graphics.
I think the screenshots speak for themself:



Especially in darker dungeons, light with torches, the graphics are pretty atmospehric and look really good. A big plus here for the devs!

But why did it fail then?

  • Server Stability I

First, the launch was as horrible as expected.
No, actually it was worse.
Nobody expected to be able to play properly on launch day. After all it is still Blizzard, and we all know that Blizzard can't handle release days.
However, even days after launch you were not able to play on stable servers.
Random disconnects, crashes and even roll backs were torturing the player base.

  • Server Stability II

At some point, Blizzard tried to explain the server issues with

However, one legacy service in particular is struggling to keep up with modern player behavior.

Source (pretty long "Blue Post")

Yeah, so it is our own fault that the servers are going to hell... thanks.
And sorry for playing your game.

  • Server Queues

So Blizzard, as genious as they are, came up with a solution that they are pretty experienced with:


Instead of a few quick Baal Runs you were stuck in a queue. For hours if neccessary.
I would have some understanding if the queues were there from day one to tackle the huge run on release day, but implementing weeks later because of "our behaviour" of playing the game... meh.

  • Still No Ladder

Many players tend to play on the ladder. Which is basically a level based ranking system for Diablo.
Obviously they forsaw the issues and disabled the ladder from the start, stating to release it later after launch, when things are stable.
Today, almost 2 months after release, still no ladder...

So what now?
Abandon our beloved game forever? Are there going to patches?

Yeah... sort of. Some canges are announced, like the possibility for PC players to use a kind of an actionbar like in Diablo 3 which is available for console players since day one. (For some reason, the devs decided to make it only available if you play with a controller)

The work on server stability is ongoing. In what manner and with what outcome is to be awaited.

Patch 2.3 is beeing expected for the next month with some more minor changes, but nothing too big. Not even the ladder...

Once we are confident these fixes are in a good place, we’ll share more details on Ladder rank play

Other than that, the sill ongoing (and expanding) law suits against high Blizzard employees and lately about CEO Bobby Kotick himself (More on Wall Street Journal) are not making my formerly loved Game company look any better.

How about you?
Were you playing D2:R ?
What were your experiences?
Let us know in the comments.


Wow. I really considered grabbing this but after seeing the actual game, I'm not so sure. I was a hardcore player back in the day and this just sounds like nothing more than frustration with new graphics. Thanks!

Yeah, I sugegst to wait for a discount or so, in the current state I would not pay 30 bucks for it.

i've never played This game 😕 i remember Diablo II was one the most popular games in 2000's, but i don't know why i never tried it, maybe i should now.