Maneater Has Bite on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Epic Game Store for PC’s

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Maneater gives gamers the chance to play the one thing most of us fear. A shark. Yep, the apex predator of the seas is now in your control. Time to make hapless humans, and other sharks, pay for getting in your way. Before we get started though, who else really wanted Sega’s Ecco games to be shark based instead?

Maneater is open world

Maneater is an open world action role-playing game (RPG). You start life as a small bull shark and must move up the ranks of the food chain. Finding the right resources will allow you to grow and evolve into a much larger shark.

This is all to get revenge on cruel fishermen that hurt you. Do not be mean to animals, they may come back for revenge.

By collecting the rare shark loot, you can evolve beyond what Mother Nature had in plan for you.

There are seven large regions available for you to explore to your hearts content. From industrial docks to resort beaches, and even the open sea – your game is unique to you.

Humans are well represented here. From town drunks on a boat to the Coast Guard, you need to stay on your fins.

Creating a unique game world

Since we first revealed Maneater at E3 2018, we have been blown away by the overwhelmingly positive interest and support from our fans,” said John Gibson, CEO and Co-owner of Tripwire Interactive. “We’re beyond excited that today, players will finally be able to sink their teeth into the very first open-world, action-RPG where you play as a shark!

Maneater is different on premise alone. The combat and evolution process continues to separate it from the competition. I still think Sega missed an opportunity with Ecco back in the 1990’s.

Who is ready to become the apex predator of the water? Maneater is your chance.

Maneater by Tripwire Interactive
Developer – Tripwire Interactive
Genre – Open world, action Role-Playing Game
Rated – Mature
In App Purchases – None
Available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Epic Game Store for PC’s

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