iiRcade Adds Retail Partners Including Amazon b8ta and Touch of Modern

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iiRcade is a Kickstarter success story from earlier this year. For those that do not know, the iiRcade is an all-in-one arcade in your home option. Like Arcade1Up and My Arcade offerings, the design is a familiar one for gamers. Where things differ is how games are handled. The iiRcade features an app store and can play multiple titles, each sold separately.


iiRcade is a Kickstarter success story

So far it is and based on the retail partners it seems fans will be happy as well. Recently the team behind iiRcade announced Amazon, b8ta, and Touch of Modern as retail partners.

This is interesting news. I am only familiar with the reach of Amazon myself. Anyone reading this already knows how far that company reaches in the retail world.

Touch of Modern and b8ta will begin rolling out iiRcade to their retail locations in Q4 2020. Amazon will presumably begin offering the multi game playing device around that time as well.

Different approach

As mentioned already, iiRcade features an app store. This is how new games are loaded onto the device. Internally there is 128GB of memory for storing games.

Other than the memory and Wi-Fi connectivity, things are like Arcade1Up and My Arcade offerings. I will not bore you with repeating monitor size and such.

Pre-loaded on the iiRcade are 11 games.

Beach Buggy Racing Bomb Squad Dragon’s Lair Double Dragon Fancy World Gunbird Maniac Square Power Balls Snowboard Championship Thunder Hoops Twin Brats

There are mention of other titles such as Dead Effect 2, Riptide GP Renegade, Wonder Boy Dragon’s Trap, etc. That is on top of deals made with companies such as Sega.

Based on what I have seen so far, I must wonder, is this just an emulation machine in an arcade cabinet?

I am not sure because there is precious little available concerning the operating system. I figure it is Android based considering more and more Android games are popping up as upcoming releases.

Not saying that is a bad thing. There are plenty of awesome devices that run Android. Many are emulation devices for the most part. Just an observation on what is probably powering the iiRcade.

Keep your browser pointed at Amazon if you want to secure one of these.

This article was originally published on Retro Gaming Magazine.


meh...The price is right for what it does but by the looks of it the games are crap! There seems to be a few decent games listed. I am like you though i am super curios of the OS that is being used. Is it hackable? Would love to add all my roms since the whole set can fit on the device.

Based on the information available I am guessing this is running Android. That is based on the numerous Android games that are already shown as running on this thing. Another detail, all of those Android games support controllers if available.

well that's the thing. It may support controllers but this is mimicking an arcade cabinet in general. If i were to attempt to install something like street fighter would it know the difference in buttons for low, medium, and high punch/kick? How would you simulate inserting a coin? On the hardware itself can one identify a way to hook up USB if you need to use a keyboard without needing to access the backend through the wifi? Hell is the storage upgradeable so one can mod it to play all game consoles and have plenty of storage other then the limited 128GB. These questions would be answered once this is released and someone posts some youtube video.

For me if i had the equipment to build is to buy the wood and build the cabinet and drill the holes the way i want them for all the buttons. These cabinets as well as the arcade 1up ones seem too small! As for the joystick and buttons in general there is a kit you can purchase for 2 players and it has up to at least 20 buttons total! The kit itself is a very good price and it's fully compatible with a raspberry PI which will be what i would use for hardware. A standard LCD screen can be used and lastly any type of speaker can be used as long as you put the in the right spot where the marquee goes. Overall cost is about the same as to buy a prebuilt one but at least you can install anything you want and have the cabinet any size you want.

Basicaly what i am saying this is one of many companies that are trying to bring back the arcade cabinet. Which one is making the right one? I really want a cabinet in my house. It's the matter of how i obtain one.

I agree with you on the size of these things - the companies then sell, separately of course, platforms to raise them up to a decent height. Once you figure in the cost of the platform for an Arcade1Up unit it is quite prohibitive - and you are limited to those games installed, unless you wish to go through a bit of hacking.

Of the bunch, the iiRcade seems to offer the best bang for the buck so far just by offering a legal way to expand your game collection without shelling out another $300+. Not to mention the floor space another arcade unit would occupy in your home.