Let's promote Hive Gaming on Telegram

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Hi people!

I'm CEO and one of the people behind the idea of the new Hive based game called @cryptobrewmaster

Recently we decided to lanuch a Telegram community chat for games based on Hive and people involved.

We kindly welcome Hive Gaming community to join and help us spread the word across the planet about our beautiful Hive games!

The link is here: https://t.me/hivegaming

Would be awesome if admins of this community could join as admins at the chat as well!

Looking fwd to cooperation!

Kindly yours,



Yeah, I'm on it I love hive games.

Супер!)) А я поки що не можу почати грати, нажаль. Але як тільки підключать нам оптику до будинку, то я обов'язково спробую!)) Щасти тобі!)

I'm was one of the first in the chat 😉
Great idea!

Hi @rollie1212, I know you are quite busy brewing beer, but you got the Hivetorch, another Hive project. Please pass it on to a trustful, active Hive user!

Yo! Sure! Will pass that today later)

Thanks so much!!
I look forward to the next upgrades of the game!!

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