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The best-selling strategy game in the Middle East especially.
It was a very worthy game as it was released in an era when it lacked strategic games of this kind in terms of swords, horses, etc.
The competition between them and the Red Alert game intensified, as they were competing for the first place in the leading strategic games.

The story of the game

The game begins with a group of kings who compete with each other for control of the world map.
As for you, you will choose the player that you will play with, according to your playing style and according to your plan, where each of them is distinguished by a specific playing style.
Some of them follow a strong defense style in terms of setting ambushes and incendiary snares, or who defends by building a high wall constructed.
As for other players, some of them, for example, depend on resources and build strong wealth.

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You start playing with your command center where you will only have the king and some of the soldiers and archers who protect him.
Begin by building warehouses, the market and food stores.
Then you build brick and wood factories and weapons factories and plant the land near you.
All of this and you are an impenetrable fortress to protect you from enemies and equip a strong army made up of horses and archers.
You will also be able to build special forces with specific weapons that you can manufacture or buy.
The secret of survival in the game is to build a strong fortress and impenetrable bricks to address the successive invasions of the enemy as well as build a strong economy.

Game features

The game is easy and simple and suitable for all ages.
The game contains many weapons and soldiers as well as various war machines.
The game is smooth and simple, and it has a strong performance and great graphics on less than average devices.
You have more than 7 kings with war plans with a different style of play for each of them.
The game is suitable for online and multiplayer play, where you will be able to play with your friends.
Artificial intelligence in the game is OK, we have, for example, the king The Wold, who has great intelligence and superior war skill, and if you make the level difficult, it will be impossible to defeat it.

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Game disadvantages

Despite all the great features that we mentioned earlier.
Because the game lacks to play in the water, you will not have ships.
Some kings in the game are very weak and you can easily defeat them.
The burning vulnerability is one of the most ridiculous holes in the game, so if you manage to reach near the enemy fort, you can burn all of his belongings to him.

In spite of this, the game dominated the throne of strategic games for a while not few.
And she became immortal in the mind.

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