Met some awesome players in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

in hive-140217 •  12 days ago 

Yesterday, I was just playing on the classic game to practice one of the heroes that I didn't use. So my random teammates at that time became my friends and teammates on Mobile Legends, while we were playing, we did expect our enemy's team heroes, cause they are all tanks.

The tank is the crowd controller or crowd initiator in the battle if you will be set on their ultimate the assassin and marksman will easily kill you. So, in this case, they are all tanks, and since I am a fighter/assassin I am in front line instead of the tank since we don't have a tank, and yet I always get killed because all these tanks have a stunning skill and I always get stunned.

Nevertheless, we won the game just by destroying the turrents, avoiding the clash cause it's useless tho not applicable all the time.


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