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Unfortunately I could never enjoy the arcade era, because at that time I was still small and where I lived there were no arcade areas, but over the years in a place in my city they put a place like that, but with very few games, I remember that there was the Marvel vs Capcom, which was the most popular, some racing cars and other motorcycles, but I did not play them for long, being the only arcade place the site was always full and you had to wait a lot and I was lazy to wait. But thanks to emulators today you can play the vast majority of games that were born from the arcade, being the game I will talk about today one of those many.

Today's Retro Review is about: Black Tiger.

Set in a medieval fantasy world, where magic, sword fights and creatures are part of everyday life, Black Tiger, being an arcade game, tells us an extremely easy story, typical in this type of games, but which are only a pretext for our protagonist to embark on the story of salvation. Controlling a hero that emerged due to the control that 3 dragons have over humanity, we must open our way and defeat as many enemies as necessary, so that we can face each of the 3 dragons to restore peace. A simple but effective story for an arcade game and for that time it was more than enough to keep players entertained.

Graphically it is a game which is quite noticeable that it is arcade, that is, you can see that it is quite old, but that does not make it look bad, in fact it is quite the opposite, it is a game that today looks good, quite decent, I even think that playing it directly in the arcade looks much better. The background of the scenarios are always black, but with some representative decorations of each area in which we are, due to the graphical limitations, you could not have a background entirely with decorations, even so, that adds charisma to the game.

The sprites of the characters are relatively small, but sufficiently well elaborated so that each of them (especially the final bosses), have their own characteristic details, so they are able to stand out on screen. There is a lot of variety of enemies and that is a good thing in a game of this style in which we must go through many scenarios plagued by enemies that we must defeat.

Similarly there is a good amount of varied scenarios, with their own characteristic elements, atmosphere and specific enemies, really this is a game that is very good in terms of graphics, considering its age. A lot of color in both scenarios, as in the enemies, although especially in the scenarios, which present a better design work, plus the animations of our character and the enemies, despite not being something spectacular, is fine, they fulfill their purpose quite easily.

With a total of 25 melodies, Black Tiger complies with its soundtrack, because despite not being something spectacular, it has the right melodies for a game set in a medieval fantasy world, so they fit very well with its environment and with the theme of the game itself. Music very varied, something that is to be welcomed because we will not feel that the melodies are repeated throughout the game, this being a rather frustrating aspect of the old video games.

Black Tiger OST Playlist

Black Tiger can be considered a game of the beat em up and platform genre, but it also has certain RPG elements, since we can improve our character's equipment in such a way that the more we invest in it, using the game's coins, the stronger it will be as we advance. Our character will have to go through a series of scenarios full of enemies using our weapons.

In terms of gameplay it has many similarities with Ghost'n Goblins, but without having such a high difficulty, Black Tiger is a game of moderate difficulty, it is not so difficult, but it is not so easy that it is like a family walk, it is very well balanced so that it is perfectly enjoyable.

Leveling up our character is very important in this way, we can get better equipment, for this we will use the money in the game, the Zenny, will serve us to exchange for better for our character. Something negative about this game is that the final bosses of each stage are not so challenging, we can say that they are relatively easy, so they are not a major challenge and in which we must use the greatest capacity of our skills, a little disappointing in that aspect.

Overall Black Tiger is a good action platformer with fun RPG elements, a very old school game, which overflows the word "retro" for every pixel we see on screen. And worth playing, at least once.


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