Welcome to the City of Akvamarin

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         It has been some time since I talked about @dcitygame. The last time, I talked about it, I entered the top 200. Right now, I'm inching closer to wards top 150. Don't ask me how much HIVE I spent on this mindless endeavor.

         I am the Lord Mayor Leonis.

         Did I ever come up with a name to the city? Yes, it's a rather boring and generic name: Akvamarin (or Аквамарин). I'll call it Akva for short.

         It's literally the word "aquamarine" in Russian since I don the Atlantis background. At any rate, that's the name for the foreseeable future.

         In Akva, there's no crime because we have beaten it out of the population. Who said police brutality doesn't work? Wait until we implement the neural network, then say bye-bye to crime forever! I wouldn't go as far as calling it a police state. As you can see, plenty of homeless and immigrants dwell in the small city safe and sound.

         We value science. We love our scientists! They are the reasons why we receive funding and attract new blood into our place. Our love for science reflects our high education standards. No fake news. No political leanings. Pure results. We aren't at the top yet, but I suspect we will in the near future.

         Our next agenda is turning our border-hopping population into contributing members of society. Creativity can wait, but we don't mind if they flourish as a side effect of our job center initiatives. We are currently taking advantage of federal subsidies by President @ecoinstant for this. It's only a matter of time where being homeless or new immigrant is but a temporary setback in Akva.

         Akva is a regular host of various city-wide events. We are famous for our science and art conventions. We also indulge in poker nights and Splinterfest whenever possible. Our current funding doesn't allow us to splurge in beer or weed fests, but that could change in the future.

         This is your Lord Mayor signing off.

         @dcitygame ranks Akvamarin as 156th best city in the world to live visit in fall 2020.


Very interesting. I still haven't gotten around to digging into this game. I just picked up Rising Star the other day and I have been clicking away on that when I get the chance.

Oh you know, it's your usual pay-to-win game.

It's actually free to play and many do. Give it a go.

*EDIT I just realised you were talking about dCity! As you were! :P


dCity is great! It's one of the games that motivated me to create Rising Star!


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Very good, simple and cut the chase post. I liked it!

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That was the goal.

This is awesome level roleplaying!

Lord Mayor, I solute you for the high quality of DCITY content!

I figured since I talked about it, I should do it at least once.

Hoping to get into dCity at some point. It turns me off a little bit that they require giving them money just to start playing, while their competitors such as Splinterlands allow at least limited play before encouraging/making you buy anything. I get it's a choice, but it makes it harder to justify starting to play out of the blue. I will still probably play it at some point though.

It is what it is.

The only way you can play this for free is building a significant SIM income, which requires you to pump some initial capital into it in the first place.

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Thank you kindly.

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Hey @enforcer48, here is a little bit of BEER from @bluerobo for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.