zombie Army 4 Dead War Review - Can You Escape !!

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The Zombie Army series has been absent from us for years from now before Rebellion Studio decides to return it again during this year through a new part and it is the first of this series and also the first on our website during this year after a long period of pause in terms of reviews that we start from During the review of the Zombie Army 4 Dead War game, we will see whether the developed team really made improvements to the required level and listen to the audience, which is what we will try to inform you about.

Basic information :

Game title: Zombie Army 4 Dead War
Developer: Rebellion
Publisher: Rebellion
Released: February 4, 2020
Devices: Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC
Genre: Shooting and Action
Phases: individual and cooperative play
Age assessment: 18 years and over


The story

The main story in the game in which the developed team tried not to present a very deep scenario in terms of events and was somewhat superficial and very classic where we will assume the role of a group of characters that survived the zombie attack in order to invade Europe again, which is what we will try to prevent A series of missions that introduce the game in the form of several halves.

Where the story leads us to a group of European cities in several countries in order to help the population withstand the catastrophe of natural disaster, and during each stage you will have an opportunity to experience something new, and if the latter as I had captured it was largely classic.

Since it is not something new for fans of this type of game, given that the developed team did not want to adventure more and try new things and just tried to focus on the existing classic experience, it allows us to experience adventure in the story, whether through an individual or collaborative phase, which is what is recommended by the developers.

But despite that, when I tried it through the individual phase explicitly, I found that it is well designed, and the scenario can be completed very easily. D. And your classification is updated again and a large reward is obtained, which we will discuss later.

Among the contents that present the game in its world also there are assemblies such as historical documents and also memorial pictures that sometimes help you in order to open some bonus in order to reach the highest rounds and resist groups of zombies.

By the fact that this is your main goal of the game, which is killing zombies and registering the best consecutive chains, this phase will be a means for achieving several special accomplishments, accompanied by friends, and we also do not forget the presence of the weekly challenges phase, through which special challenges can be obtained on a weekly basis, and Witchcraft in it, whether through an individual or collaborative phase, and through its entire content was very classic and did not surprise us completely.



We are now going through a very important point through this review, which is that related to the style of play, which can be said that the developed team Rebellion presented with a logic that the winning squad cannot be changed, and that is what the developer team succeeded again.

The developed team is placed at the disposal of the users, the possibility to customize these features, and thus you can benefit from all these special equipment.

And that makes the gameplay very dynamic and the goal is always to continue to kill the zombies with one goal and is to unlock all the features that are available to the character and implement supernatural attacks especially that it is presented with a very simple system by using the buttons in order to activate it where these features can be developed by following A collection of items, whether by completing challenges or collecting hidden treasures in the game world.

The game really provides us with a unique and fun progression system through which you try to achieve the best numbers and challenge the rest of the players in order to get many rewards, including the extraordinary properties.

Of course, this is not what is in the game, as it is a renewed appointment again with a variety and a bunch of weapons that are giving birth to the space of the latter, as was usual, where any weapon you wish to focus on can be obtained at the stage and does not provide us with revolutionary things except that it Very fun for such games.



We are now going through a very important incision through this comprehensive review of the game Zombie Army 4 Dead War, and here the talk draws us to the graphics in the latter as the developed team decided to rely on its engine and decided to provide some minor adjustments to it through visual effects, which is what He succeeded in it to a great extent, the latter, and we can monitor some of it through a quantity of pictures that I share with you in the review.

Where the game offers us a really diverse environments adapted from cities in several European countries, which made the experience really enjoyable, which gives that atmosphere of destruction, the collapse of the world and chaos already.

In addition to the designs for the characters that were of a good standard, and also for the enemies, given that the team took into account the work to create a great diversity in this regard and must be reviewed at least during the next generation devices.

There is a feature that allows you to choose between graphics and game quality or focus on the frame rate for greater speed in movement and experience a better course, especially for such games, and it is sure that it is a successful step by the developing team in order to allow the audience to experience the game in the way they want.

The sounds of zombies are similar to each other, and sound effects, such as music, most of the time, are non-existent, and they are lost, along with decisive moments, through syllables that actually make the fight very interactive on one hand. Others, we record the continued development of the team in its excellence through the voices of the characters, which will be strongly present through dialogues in the game and the story in general by virtue of the fact that the game actually provides a set of dialogue moments always, which saved somewhat the sound system and music in this part.

Of course, the game Zombie Army 4 Dead War, and through a trial for a period of days, the latter was really a distinct adventure that tests your abilities to withstand convoys of zombies, which is what I tried to bring you closer to through these lines through a comprehensive review of the game, which I hope may have been Of course, I gave a look at a portion of what the game contains, in a simple way.


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