Asphalt 9 - The Secret Behind The Glory

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Asphalt games outperformed in a big way as they became one of the best games on mobile phones.
What is the secret behind that?

Asphalt game led car games on mobile phones to a new turn in terms of magnificence, fun and excitement.
Where it distinguished from the rest of the mobile phone games with very high graphics and great excitement and splendor.
In spite of the issuance of copies of the game Need For Speed ​​for mobile phones, the game Asphalt was able to garner the largest amount of attention from users.

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Asphalt game features a realistic and excellent Gameplay, in addition to many advantages and developments during the race.
You will be able to use Nitro and smash enemy cars during the race.
This is in addition to the huge amount of improvements that you can add to your cars, from the engine to the car's colors and tires.
Career will start in the game with less than medium car and almost easy races and will accumulate points and experience as time progresses until you dominate the race track.



Asphalt is distinguished from other car racing games that fill mobile phone stores, as it is a very high graphics game.
Where the developers were able to transfer the racing games to the phones to a very advanced stage, which is close to the Playstation games, and this is what made the game garner a lot of attention.
You have all kinds of cars that you dream about, and if you love to modify cars, the game will not hold you back in this aspect.
As for driving, the driving style in the game is very smooth and wonderful, and you have more than one means of control while driving.


Despite the features we mentioned, Asphalt is still suffering from some Bugs in each of the parts that were issued.
Which the game tries to address with each update.
With the modern parts of the game, it increases in size greatly.
Until our ninth segment reached about 2 GB.
With the increase in space, the game needs a mobile phone with special specifications.

In the end, an asphalt game still offers more development every year and this makes it continue to the current time. Even if there are some defects, the players are waiting for the next part to fix these defects and to enjoy further development.

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