The best unofficial Star Wars game I've ever played, made by only one person

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Star Wars is one of the biggest entertainment franchises that has ever existed, you can even say that this film saga was the precursor of the so-called Blockbusters that are so popular today, productions with a huge budget level as well as a great ambition around them, Star Wars not only redefined the genre of science fiction but transformed the entire entertainment industry by building all kinds of products around its universe. Games, series, comics, toys, everything was within reach of the saga of George Lucas, today I would like to talk a little about Star Wars video games, because since the purchase of Disney back in 2008 it seemed obvious that we were coming a storm of content of the franchise, but at least in the video game sector has disappointed me a lot, first by canceling two of the games that I consider were preferred to continue the legacy of Lucasfilm Games (the producer and distributor of Star Wars games) and secondly not having a concrete plan on what Star Wars games to release, in these years Disney still does not have a defined strategy in terms of video games and that has opened the door for independent developers to start releasing modifications or complete games under the Star Wars label without the express permission of Disney, just like the game I'm going to analyze today.

Star Wars Force Combat

Star Wars Force Combat is a curious title, the fact that it has been developed entirely by a single user and that it is a combat title Mortal Kombat style with all the heroes and villains of the saga makes it even more worthy of attention, Force Combat is a game that was born from the hand of the user LastJawa on youtube, who motivated by his own and his children's passion for Star Wars decided to collect some texture packs of the characters, develop some lines of code and put it all together in a fairly compact game in which Jedi and Sith duel in the style of classic fighting games like Soul Calibur, the project could be supported on Patreon until recently when Disney brought to light that canceled everything related to the game for copyright infringement, a common practice of companies like EA or Nintendo defending their intellectual properties from the fearsome fans who only want to make better games.

The game has in its catalog a whole range of playable characters from all stages of the movies and some also from the games, being able to face a Leia Organa with his father Anakin or to confront the two protagonists of KOTOR in a battle, we must also highlight the scenarios and there is a huge variety (perhaps even more than the characters) and we can play from the meadows of Naboo in episode 1 to the throne room of Snoke in episode 7, Each scenario is taken care of in such a way that seem taken directly from the movies, there is a mode where we can relive each battle in chronological order to the movies, also having several of the aesthetics that have the characters in the same, details such as Obi-Wan's clothes or Luke's robotic hand are present here and although it is not cutting edge in graphics it has a huge credit to be made by only one person.

The controls are pretty decent for a game in full development, has an option to play with the keyboard and mouse and another to connect the controller, I would recommend playing only with the keyboard as some combos are quite difficult on the controller and also many of the commands are not well optimized for a controller such as Xbox, in general the game can be played without any problem and when we train the combos we will have greater fluency in combat.

Currently the game is still in beta after they were forced to close the Patreon where they were raising money to make the game, I'm wondering all the time, how is it possible that a person and a patreon do a more decent job than the hundreds of employees that EA or Disney has? How come we have to wait so long for DICE to make a decent game of the most important saga in entertainment? Questions that amazed me several years ago and even today with a decent catalog of Star Wars games in the last 4 years I think it is quite disappointing to see how they shut down games as promising as Force Combat.


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I don't like Star Wars at all, I don't know why, neither the trilogy in its movies or games, but reading your post a little better maybe it will call my attention a little bit, maybe I have a bad perception of them as it happens with Harry Potter XD

it is more than clear that Disney's mind with Star Wars is not 100% set, and although I think the last games have been solid I don't trust EA although I think at the end of the day Disney will realize that the future is independent developers.