Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Review

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Let's get to the next game on the list, Brotherhood. You get way too rich in AC2, you can't go on like this and have another game without scrapping away all of your possessions, so let's burn Monterigioni to the ground. This is how the 3rd game in the series (excepting the spin-offs) starts. Looks like you got sleepy after leaving alive your worst enemy at the end of the previous game, how the turntables.

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Most of the gameplay is identical with the previous game, which is no wonder when Ubisoft is leaving you with only 1 year of development of an AAA game.

However, there are differences. Some more animations during combat and some new systems contribute to make you feel like you're playing a complete different game and not a DLC.

The recruits system
If you can hire thieves, mercenaries and courtesans to do your dirty jobs, why can't you assign a task to a young recruit assassin? After all, the creed must go on, and you're not going to be young forever. This line right here made take a break to laugh, I simply count not concentrate to continue the mission, especially since Ezio is still making some more comments during the run like "I'm going to show you who's young!".

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Anyway, you got some brothers, to form a brotherhood, cool right? Any citizen that can hold up a sword and a life grudge towards the templiers can be saved from the guards and trained to become an assassin.

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But, this isn't over yet. Each recruit can be sent to complete missions in Europe, even in Florence, which is a bit weird after Ezio hunted every single templier in that city, but anyway, people move around, and gain control of the city they're in. Makes sense.

Once a recruit has completed enough missions, and didn't die along the way, he can also become an assassin, receive the title and full pay with benefits of serving the world, or Ezio mostly, just like corporate, lol.

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I have to admit, I was rooting for my recruits, and didn't stop until each and every one of them had the title of Assassin. The ceremonies were also a nice touch, each receiving the same burn on the finger that Ezio got the last game, and had to take a leap of faith to prove their commitment. Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.

Speaking of which, the creed must have a leader.
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After the first time you recruit someone, a new ability is unlocked. If your recruits are available, they will come to fight alongside you at the press of a button. They also can be called to stealth assassinate a target and disappear until the next call.

After you got at least 6 recruits, a bonus ability is also unlocked, a rain of bolts will kill up to 7 targets but will consume the entire bar.

New weapons - Crossbow
It's the fastest, most stealthy and clean way to eliminate a target at distance. I can't remember how many times it saved me in a stealth mission to remain stealth.

New Leonardo da Vinci crazy inventions
Leonardo was captured by the Borgia and forced to build advanced equipment for Cesare Borgia army, in his own plan to conquer the entire Italy. And of course, it's your job to destroy them along with the plans.

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The flying machine is getting a cannon, because why not? and its own mission in which you have to destroy multiple targets while constantly being in the air, using the cannon to destroy everything while also using it to launch yourself back into the air.

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I'm going to be honest, this mission was the worst for me, not because I didn't like it, but the controls for that shitty plane can be described only by the next gif. Sometimes it's ok, it happens if an arrow hits you and have to restart the whole mission for full sync, but sometimes is an absolute nightmare. I was simply desynchronized just because the damn thing didn't want to take a turn, left, right, whatever, just forward outside the map....But I still managed to complete that bish 100%.💪


The tank was a cool addition. It was hard not taking a single hit the whole mission, especially since at the end you fight with other 2 tanks, but is achievable.
Some cannons might blow up during the mission, but this isn't the end of the world; especially since you blow the tank up at the end of the mission, so nobody can use it again.

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The boat was, at least for me, the most uninteresting, just there, another mission to complete, nothing memorable. Or at least, not like the others.

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The wagon also gets a buff. From the last game where you had to take every turn yourself, now the horses come equipped with an autopilot system, letting you jump in the back to operate the machine gun.

Image Source

Our wagon also comes with improved suspension for mountain roads and better precision for leaving your enemy's without a head. All of this while being somewhat around 400 years ahead of competitors in technological advancement. Damn losers didn't get their hands on this until the first world war. Abstergo Assassin's Creed. Nothing is true. Sposored by Raid: Shadow Legends

More content

This is the first Assassin's Creed game that also includes a DLC. And we're not talking about the Metal Gear Solid Easter egg from the next screenshots.
Bro (12).png

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We're talking about the Da Vinci Disappearance. After saving his ass from Borgia hands, this genius manages to get captured again by some heretics, members of the Cult of Hermes. Somehow he has time to hide a map inside it's paintings that once completed it shows the location of a temple of the first civilization.

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Final impression

I consider Assassin's Creed Brotherhood to be a little bit better than Assassin's Creed 2. Rome was just better contoured, the gameplay was smoother (except for the flying machine), besides extra gadgets, the recruit's system is my favorite.
You're not the young assassin driven only by hate and wish for revenge, you're matured, and got the idea that the fight will never stop. As you can recruit more assassins, your enemy's can do it too, and they will do so. In conclusion, Ezio is driven more by the responsibility as the head of the creed, and this feels different.


Images without a source were captured in game.
Cool guys on Hive: @vladalexan, @enjar, @andvoinoiu

Until the next review,


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This post brought back a lot of memories. I started this game a few years ago, but unfortunately I couldn't finish it. I would like to resume it, but after playing the first AC I jumped directly to the Adventures of Ezio and from Ezio to Altair there was a big change in the saga, I can't imagine how it will be now with Valhalla, it must be incredible. However, I want to buy this one to sit down and spend it since I haven't even gotten to the new one hehe. Good post friend, thanks for sharing.

I plan to play the entire series in order, now I'm halfway through Revelations, and there are a lot of differences from a game to another. @vladalexan is just now writing a post about the entire series, so you could check that one out.

And, a piece of advice, if you want to buy it, buy it on Steam, because for some dumb reason that I can't think of, Ubisoft is not selling some DLC on their own damn store.
For example, Assassin's Creed Revelations: The Lost Archive is included in the base game on Steam, but not on Ubisoft store, and can't be purchased separately either.

Oh great I'm going to take the series. And it's good if you're going to do it too, I'll be attentive to the articles. I'm going to check the other friend's. If there is a big difference between one and the other, I really liked the first one, it was the first game I had for the xbox 360, I would like to continue now later.

Ok, I'll take your advice on Steam. Thanks so much.

Another thing is the fact that the season pass for Assassin's Creed: Odyssey includes Assassins Creed III Remastered (which also includes AC Liberation as a bonus), so you could save quite a bit of money if Odyssey is ever discounted.

Oh really thanks for tell me that. Thanks i visit your blog too

The quality of the graphics is impressive. Excellent