Gods Unchained: Early Impressions and My Weekend Ranked Event Recap!

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For the first time, I just finished a full 25 games in the weekend ranked event of Gods Unchained.

I'd actually created an account over a year ago, but the initial experience was so buggy and unsatisfying that I left it to sit unused! However through some of their recent marketing and the general hype around all things NFT in general, I was motivated to dust Gods Unchained off and give it another try about three weeks ago.

I wouldn't say I'm addicted... but I'm pretty sure I'll be a steady player from here on out. The gameplay experience is much improved and I'm enjoying myself. It's nice to think that I'm still grinding out some crypto assets in my recreation time!

I enjoyed playing Magic: The Gathering and other collectible card games in my youth, and in more recent years have gone through some spates of Hearthstone play. I'm very excited to see these games beginning to be represented well in the blockchain space.


The above screenshot is myself, Spotty_Pro, in one of tonight's games as it looks when a match progresses ideally for me! Completely dominant as my opponent awaits the deathblow or rage quits in frustration!

So far I've almost exclusively played a mage deck that I've been tinkering with. Utilizing the Discovery power choice I basically rely on recycling spells from my void and controlling the early game with Frontline blocking creatures and direct damage spells. If all goes well I can take my opponent into the deep waters of the later rounds, where they're out of cards, exhausted and I'm dropping some mega creatures which I attempt to duplicate with the spell Trial of the False Reflection for a truly overwhelming and devastating finish... which is what the above pic represents!


This weekend I managed a record of 15 wins and 10 losses; competing in the Midnight Shadow to Auric Gold ranks, which are the 8th and 9th tiers of a 12 tier system. This should net me 5 packs of cards which would have a purchase value of about $22.50. Of course I'll be hoping to pull some lucky mega valuable cards when I open the packs though!

Based on my enjoyment so far and the potential for a good investment if Gods Unchained grows a much larger playerbase, I did purchase some cards a couple weeks back. I'd been planning another purchase for this week but sadly their fiat card processing has been down and I couldn't bear to pay the excessive gas fees to transact for cards using ETH. Just today they announced the current Trial of the Gods expansion has all but sold out, so it looks like my hopes of adding to that particular set will have to lie in the aftermarket!

At the present time... there is no real aftermarket. Due to the crazy congestion and fees on Ethereum, trading, minting, and selling are suspended as the Gods Unchained team, known as Immutable prepares to launch their own second layer solution to smoothly handle these micro-transactions. I'm eagerly awaiting that and the next card expansion to come.

I'm hoping to add Gods Unchained to my regular cycle of topics here on Hive, and thereby jump into the Hive Gaming community a bit more. As the active players grow, it'd be nice to see one of the dedicated Gods Unchained communities here flourish as well, but the few I found currently seem to be nothing but crickets chirping!

If you're a player yourself, I'd love to meet you in the comments. Or if my little recap here made you curious about the game, ask any questions and I'll do my best to answer!

-Bryan "the Imp" Imhoff

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I didn't know about this game my friend. The closest thing I have played is "Legends of Runeterra" by Riot. I would like to join you in this game. Is there any guide that you can provide me to learn about the game and get started? Thanks in advance buddy, best regards! 👋

Their actual website https://godsunchained.com/ is pretty darn good. There's a "Learn" tab there that has access to some articles and tutorials. You're honestly best off just starting by downloading the game client and jumping in. They have a built in gameplay tutorial that's just a few minutes long with the basic game mechanics and then awards you a few packs of cards on completion. There's also a bunch of prebuilt starter decks to play around with that are actually fairly competitive right out of the box once you learn the basics.

You'll need or want to have an Ethereum wallet if you don't already, although I don't think you're required to link it right away... though I could be wrong about that.

I'm not familiar with Legends of Runeterra, but if you have any experience with collectible card games then Gods Unchained will be fairly easy to pick up as an iteration on that genre.

Thanks a lot my friend! I'll download it tomorrow. When I learn how to play it (probably soon hahaha) I'll let you know so we can play some matches💪. Have a good night!