PSA: A free Cyber Security event and some high profile Twitter accounts hacked

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This post is mainly to warn Hivers that there are a number of high profile Twitter accounts that were hacked. These include Bill Gates, Elon Musk and even Joe Biden.

Elon Musk's Tweet

Bill Gates Tweet

So be aware of all these scams as they are clearly hacked accounts. However, I personally find it a little funny that these hackers are good enough to take over these accounts but not smart enough to pull off a better scam. I mean these accounts can be exploited to move markets in the hackers' favor. Just imagine using Bill Gates account to announce that he is buying Bitcoin.

Twitter hack and opportunity for Hive?

@theycallmedan is certainly trying to make this Twitter hack an opportunity to onboard more Hivers. In his recent post, he is calling out to Hivers to comment/post on Twitter about why a decentralized social network is preferred over a centralized one. A number of people have already responded.


RSA Conference Free Access

The "RSA Conference: Asia Pacific & Japan" is ongoing. This is one of the most prominent and respected cyber security events. It typically cost more than $1k to get a full conference pass, but because of the pandemic, they are hosting it online for free.

Register now if you are interested in cyber security. All keynotes and track sessions are freely accessible. Even if you are not a cyber security professional, it is still a good event to join. This year's focus is on the human element, which is often described as the weakest link in security.

Here is the brief overview of the agenda,



Stay safe and vigilant everyone. Also do not miss out on the RSA Conference, I can vouch that it will be a good learning experience.

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