First Showcase Video of Fortnite Ch 2 Season 8 - Ridin' Fortnite Athenascope Showcase

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This is a Showcase Video / Montage of clips from my Fortnite gameplay for the week ended 21 September 2021. This Showcase video was edited by Athenascope, an ai that edits gaming footage. This is my first Athenascope Showcase for Chapter 2 Season 8 of Fortnite. This footage has not been streamed on my Youtube or Twitch, so it has not been seen before.

In this video, the AI added text, right at the start. While it always has text down the bottom right, I don't remember even seeing it experiment with text elsewhere in the video, so this is a new development in its editing.

I slightly edited this video. I did not edit the gameplay footage at all - that was all done by the Athenascope AI - but I included my text on the end to credit my supporters on Buy Me a Coffee.

This video was focused on only the Battle Royale modes of Fortnite.

You can check it out here:

Athenascope's Showcases are montages with music added to it that you only get if your footage meets certain requirements during the week. As I do not have an elgato setup, these Showcases at this point only include my PC games of Fortnite, not any games I play on the Nintendo Switch. The song added to this week's Fortnite Showcase was Ridin'.

I am enjoying this season so far. I miss the tactical shotgun but ofc we all adapt to changes like that. However, I do like the sideways areas with the NPCs and the general gameplay has been good. I look forward to playing more of Season 8.

The AI seems to be continuing a trend of choosing less exciting Victory Royales to end the videos (and in one video I had Victory Royales but it chose not to include it too). This week wasn't great for exciting ones for me but there was at least one where I was the focus a bit more, this one here:
The one Athenascope chose for this week was impressive enough on my partner's part. I just was editing and building my way towards fighting the person so my end of it (and what you see primarily) wasn't exactly the most exciting. You can see the sniper line ofc but it's not the same as if you were watching the person doing the sniping.

Last week (see post here: we had at least 5 Victory Royales and it picked probably the most boring one to end the Showcase. It ended it with this one:

But these were more interesting in my opinion:

One of my other weeks I had at least one Victory Royale and it chose a different clip that wasn't a Victory Royale to end it instead.
I haven't mentioned this sort of thing much before because I thought mentioning it sounded a bit like "I'm actually better than this" but ego around my skills isn't why I would mention it. It's because I think the AI's process is interesting and I find what it chooses to be interesting. I think when choosing between Victory Royales it is just luck of the draw as the AI is smart enough to know it is a Victory Royale and to know whether its length suits the music but it can't know what is an interesting one or not, but it is still amusing to see what it picks, including when it picks the less exciting ones. One of my videos a few weeks ago ended with me talking to an ATM and then getting sniped and losing most of my health, which was kind of funny to have as the finale of that video.

With Athenascope, you can pin clips to encourage the AI to include it in the Showcase and it tries to but if it doesn't fit the music etc, it might not include it still. I've done this rarely but I don't do it often because I prefer to see what the AI does on its own, because I like AI and I find AI interesting, and sometimes its choices make me look better and sometimes it makes me look derpy as all hell. It's the nature of having it edit for me with little interference.

My Buy me a Coffee link is primarily to support me and my content, but instead of coffee, it is "buy a treat for the pets" and a portion of the donations will go towards treats and other special things for our pets.

Buy a treat for the pets:

Are you enjoying Chapter 2 Season 8 so far? What do you like about it and what do you dislike about it?


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