"DOCTORS FOR THE TRUTH" - And Finally Some Light Appears - Signs Of The Truth Finally Breaking Through!

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These last few months have been heavy, we have been awash with so many restrictions and fearing mongering news reports. In most countries, it has now become mandatory to wear masks when out in public and people are being heavily fined if they do not. What is funny though, is that even with the mandatory mask wearing, they are still reporting new cases, how can that be if everyone is wearing masks? Surely that wouldn't happen if the masks actually worked?

I have been doing my best to sow little seeds of truth and recently I asked a friend to post a link to the interview with Rocco Galati, Canada's leading Human Rights Attorney who is taking on the Canadian government over how they have dealt with this plandemic, on facebook, as I am not on there. She did and it kept on getting taken down, so we reached out to more people and eventual it stayed up. But someone commented on the post, asking for more validation and stating that if this was i fact the case, they would have read about it in the papers!

I laughed to be honest, because what more validation do you need, when the attorney himself is being interviewed and stated exactly why the case is happening. This person would not believe it until she read it in the paper, this really showed me how disempowered some people have become, that they only believe what the mainstream media tells them.

In the end I found some articles from Canadian papers, cos guess what, they are not writing about it in the mainstream media and on top of that I found the statement of Claim that Rocco Galati made to the Superior Court Of Justice. You can read it yourself here, it is 191 pages long.

And then I find out about an attorney here in Spain that is taking on the government also and will also fight any claims made by people who have received fines for not wearing a mask. I got to partake in a live conference call with him, where he answered some questions about the legality of what is happening at the moment.

This enforcement of masks and everything that follows is in serious breach of the Spanish Constitution and also against the European Convention of human rights. The collective that I am involved in has been growing and we recently had a Lawyer from the U.K who resides here join us, she has been able to do a lot of work to highlight exactly how these restrictions are violating our rights.

And now we have a Spanish lawyer who will represent us and we hope that more will join him!

On top of this, there was a Press Conference in Madrid yesterday called "DOCTORS FOR THE TRUTH" where over 100 Doctors and Scientist's from Spain and including doctors via video conference from Germany, USA, Argentina, Mexico and other countries. They were discussing among other things, the scientific evidence or lack of, in relation to the sanitary measures enforced in the confinement, the use of hygienic masks and social distancing.

They talked about the huge lack of evidence that supports mandatory mask wearing and advised against it whilst also advising against further quarantine.

They also talked about the many cures that already exist for Covid and that these be investigated more. They requested that the governmenthold official and independent studies on chlorine dioxide and other oxidative therapies such as ozone, hydrogen peroxide, etc. which are proving to be very effective against Covid19.

They discussed the lack of information about 5G and it's possible
relationship between electromagnetic contamination and COVID 19. Again the asked for further investigations.

They also talked about the need to investigate the relationship between influenza vaccination and mortality from covid, advising everyone not to be vaccinated until the relationship between the two is clarified.

The video conference with other Doctors highlighted how all of this is a global problem and how it is really about population control and economic interests.

Finally they then asked the press to stop censoring this vital information.

Finally some truth is starting to seep out, but we need to make sure it stays out, I wonder how long the video of the conference will stay on YouTube! So here is where we can all play our part, by planting little seeds. By making comments like, don't you find it interesting that Countries such as Canada, Spain, Austria and The U.K have human Rights Lawyers taking the government to court over what has been happening.Saying just that, so that we can begin to help people see what is really happening.

Lets all have a hand in taking back our power and being proactive in creating the world we all want to live in, before it is too late!


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Thank you so much for being among us.

How I wish I could speak Spanish! I'm trying to find an English transcript or version with subtitles, but so far no luck. If you come across one, please show me the way!

Yes I will be on the look out and I will share it, it was a friend who translated for me as my Spanish is not that good. xxxx

Hey @trucklife-family thank you for sharing this!
I live in Canada and I was unaware of this law suit and much of what is defending against.
I did know that Ontario is in a mess and that is why I have bought my niece and her family to live with us in the boreal forests of Saskatchewan - get her and her kids out of the city where it is getting pretty crazy to a more peaceful life here where we can work together to make the land more productive and gain more self sufficiency!

you are welcome, it is great that more and more lawsuits are happening. I'm so happy you have your niece with you and that you can provide such a safe haven for her and her kids. Much love to you xxx