This is the end...

in Splinterlands2 days ago

After giving some thoughts and playing the game for a few days, I've decided to finish my adventure with Splinterlands. I can't really afford investing more money into buying new cards and the thing that gave me the most fun (getting up higher and higher ranks) is no longer possible. I've been with the project since the start and I really feel disappointed about the direction the game is currently changing to. Anyway, I'd like to thank the devs and you, guys, for last 2 years (or even more as far as I remember) of duelling on Splinterland's battlefields and wish you a lot of fun playing the game yourself!


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don't lose hope, just keep going, even you are in bronze they will reward you, if i maintain my position till the end of this season i will get 15 untamed packs which is good for a bronze player like me

I don't really care that much about rewards, I was having the most fun simply getting higher ranks even though I had level one cards. Anyway, thanks for the reply and I wish you good luck!