We are 😄 . Joy is celebrating too. I put a vid of him up lol.

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Not global.
Trump didn't start any new wars and ended some.

Trauma in the American Left, maybe with Canada spillovers.

The trauma in the American body politic hasn't ended - it is only getting started. The People whom Trump gave a voice and hope will not be easily silenced.

Remember, the assassination of Caesar didn't save the Roman Republic.

An Octavian will arise and claim Trump's legacy.
I hope he is as philo-semitic as Trump.

Hope for a world with less division and more comprehension.

God save America from this cunt 🤧


Fraudulent Biden will forever be his title.

The US will experience severe civilizational collapse on his watch, including end of the US dollar as the world's reserve currency and a devastating reckoning for the massive debt and profligate money printing that every President for the last 40 years has been responsible for.

Get out while you can!

Sell the US$ for BTC, Hive and the few national currencies not engaged in wild money printing (like the Israeli Shekel).


Lucky you are already in Canada.

But expect spillover and a lot of refugees.


Spanish inquisition?

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But not here

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