Flamingo 🦩 Gardens in Florida & video of a fish who wants to be my friend!🐠

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Florida is a wild place, full of exotic beauty like this that you can admire and share with out of town guests, if you take a day trip to the Flamingo Gardens.



But in addition to such serene, graceful creatures, there are dangerous ones, like this panther or bears or snakes & alligators that you have to watch out for.


I try to respect all creatures, large or small, fierce or docile and am in awe at how marvelous they are, each in their different ways.



But what really blew my mind and gave me such a thrill was something that happened just moments ago — this little fishy in the ocean that wanted to be my friend.

It’s not the first time a fish has hung out with me this way, but possibly the longest (around half an hour, or more)!

The bold little fellow (Nemo?) let me cup it, it would rub against me and follow me where I went & even invited a couple of its fishy friends to play with us.

Luckily, my wife was there to capture a fraction of our inter-species interaction — she slipped her iPhone in a ziplock bag & took this footage 🤗



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Thank you, fellow nature-lovers @oscurity @nelinoeva for your support! Wishing you a lovely Sunday :)

WOW, I love pink flamingos!!!
Good captures, @yahi-lababidi.

They're dreamy, whimsical, hallucinatory creatures @silversaver888 :) I was fortunate to capture them in the wild, at a beach in Peru:


I have flamingo garden stakes, flamingo bag, flamingo birdcage...

That's commitment :)

Here's my latest post, @silversaver888, inspired by our exchange, and shared love of flamingos :)


I think I have been near where you are in Florida. You just visiting?

Cool 😎 Lived in Florida, on and off, for 15 years, part-time in DC.

If you find yourself traveling through Ohio then I would love to say hello.

That's very kind of you to say so, thanks. Maybe, some book reading might take me there in the not too distant future. Hope you're having a restorative weekend & wish you a Brave New Week, ahead!

Not exactly vacation material unless you are seeking cities and establishments. There are a good amount of down home people here. I hope to remember to look into your books to get to know you better. I hope we can find a large amount of common ground.

Good to know. Here's a link to my books, if you're curious: https://www.amazon.com/Yahia-Lababidi/e/B0042SRQWG%3Fref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_share Have a great week!