A Real Life Experience With A Furious Chicken - Splinterlands

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One animal that freaks me the fuck out is a flying cockroach, don't even ask me why, the next after it is a furious chicken, now let me share a little history with you. When I was very little, around age 4-5, my dad reared chickens in the compound of my house so there were always chickens running here and there, chickens hardly bother anyone, I mean, they'd probably jump before you take two steps close to them.

However, I was fascinated with chicks(pun intended), they looked cute and tiny and something just always wanted me to touch them whenever I had the chance, but unfortunately for me, they don't wait to be touched, and chasing them around ended up futile most times.

So this day, I had mustered all the energy to catch a chick and play with it, since it won't willingly play with me, fortunately I found the perfect opportunity, a chick was mistakenly isolated from its family, it was my perfect chance to corner it and pick it up, which I did, though it kept yelling, but maybe I wasn't just paying attention or I was too carried away with the excitement of finally holding a chick.

By the time I turned my back ladies and gentlemen, what I saw scared me from the depth of my soul, call me a wimp but I know trouble when I see one, ladies and gentlemen, it was a Furious chicken, the mother hen had found out that I was in possession of her chick and was ready to spill blood and risk her life to get it back.😂😂😅😭😭😂😂😅....

WTFucking heck. I just wanted to play...next thing I see is a mother Hen in full on attack mode running at me.....I dropped the chick in a heartbeat and ran for my life at my highest speed, shouting for help! Can't forget the trauma!

You don't want to test a Furious Chicken, not when you're 5years old! Even till now, I hate when chickens get all furious on you and spread their wings and enter attack mode, that shit freaks me out. End of story.

In real life furious chickens look like this, scary as crazy!

images (87).jpeg

However on Splinterlands, they have a more typical representation of what a furious chicken looks like, and in my opinion, I'd rather go with the Splinterlands looking one, because I'm definately breaking the neck of any chicken that looks at me like that in real life!

Furious Chicken.png

See what I mean?😲Angry like crazy! Like chill sis! Maybe if you knew their story, you'd understand their anger, they've been oppressed for so long by the monsters of Splinterlands, therefore Alphafus(Joking, its just Alpha chicken) took it upon himself to be angry and fight back, hence the other chicken's followed suit and unleashed their inner chi's.....now they'll take any monster down in a fight to death, no more, no loss, its a cold land in the Splinters!

Now that ya'll know who the Furious chicken is, lets talk about what they can do.
Firstly, they are one of the very few monsters with 0 mana!

This is a screenshot of mine, I've got it in level 4 which makes it have some melee attack, as we can see below, when at its highest levels, it becomes a total lethal weapon that is to be feared. The enrage ability turns it to full on beast mode, I just imagine if chickens had this ability real life, cuz humans can as well be Monsters and have long oppressed chickens since ever!

So you know I'd never brag about a card without showing you what it can do and how it can do it. Well, this post won't be any different, firstly I'd like you to see my battle line up,......apparently guys, I just checked the link up and found out that it just leads to an empty page. Soooooo upset!

Splinterlands please please do something about replaying battles that are more than one day old. They just go blank when someone tries to reload it.

In this light of this, I will show you another battle which will entertain you likewise, you know I never fail to deliver!


And that's it for the weekends Splinterlands post folks, if you'd like to join me in having this awesome gaming experience on Splinterlands, here's my referral link👻👻👻💀💀💀

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If you're game, I'm always up for a challenge. Hit me up and get your ass whooped.

Battle till you drop!!!! See ya.😠😡😈😈😠😝


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Hehehe! My family do rear fowls when I was young and the chickens were my friends and I gave names to them, both the agric and native specie. One day I was bitten by a native chicken while feeding her from my palm. lol
That got me furious and I chase them all away and in response one tough hen wanted to challenge me but I had a stick as a weapon so I was able to win. Lol

Lovely article by the name, guess I will get on board on splinterland too.

Thank you @prechyrukky for sharing your experience, I was 5 years old it spread its wings and started coming at me, my dear I run o

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Thanks guys

... in continuation,
I thought of boy's mommy suddenly out of nowhere running to boy and fearlessly chasing away chicken. Then hugging her little boy and telling him not to worry. Maybe then no fear would be left in men and women today.

Anywhere in wilderness we owe our lives to our understanding of creature's relationships, most importantly who is parent and who is its child. So I am kind of convinced that you have grown up smart person since very early you learned an important lesson. I was not that lucky.

😂😂😂😂😂tell me youve been chased before by a mother hen?

😂😂😂😂😂tell me youve been chased before by a mother hen?

My bad luck is in that I never had a chance to learn that relationship. In a country side at my relatives, they were making handmade incubators for hatching chickens. So I was OK having one in my hands, happy but because of that not growing smarter like you.

Oh okayyyy loool.....my chickens were allowed to roam round, the compound was really large so they could be very vicious

And I am glad you are doing well in the game. Good job with posts on Hive!

Thanks for sharing! - @carrieallen

First, you must know... I had to get through a lot of posts to enjoy this gem! I mean, not that the others weren't enjoyable... I was just looking forward to this one ... and didn't even know what I was gonna get.

And I got the BEST!!!!
Dude. Don't F with furious chickens. 🤣 I was just waiting for you to say a mama hen was coming at ya. 🤣 Very accurate. 🤣

😂😂😂😂😂glad you think so Carrie....thanks a bunch...