The Brief Crypto News - Aug 02 2020 Ep. 11

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Greetings everyone,

And welcome to the Brief Crypto News.

I am LeaderIcarus and it's Sunday, Aug 2, 2020, 07:00 UTC celebrating the five years of Ethereum, and the DeFi ecosystem has more than $4 billion total value locked, while DAI users have voted on Thursday to double the total debt ceiling - which indicates how much of the stablecoin can be minted.

Can decentralized Apps solve SIM swap? NEM is working on a "FIX network" to prevent SIM swap (this means issuing a twin sim to use it for code providing to steal funds).

As Bitcoin hits $12000

17 Years Old Arrested for Twitter's Hack

  1. Yesterday morning (Aug 01) authorities have arrested the "Head" behind Twitter's hack.
  2. FBI, IRS, US Secret Service, and Florida law enforcement have arrested a 17 years old.
  3. He will be accused of 30 felony charges.
  4. The prosecution is handled by the State, as its law is flexible to charge a minor as an adult in financial fraud cases like this.

US Prints Dollars

  1. Only in Jun, the US has printed more than 800 billion.
  2. Will continue to print, too, as a tool to help the economy to fight Covid-19

Binance shipping Visa

  1. Following a tweet from Binance CEO
  2. The company has confirmed the shipping of its debit card in Europe.
  3. The Visa cards will be limited and they will begin delivery on July 24.
  4. The next step will be the issue for the United Kingdom customers.

Ethereum Classic Reorg

  1. Rorg is a feature in a blockchain that allows to roll back the network.
  2. If a malicious miner secures 51% of that hashpower, they can split the network and double-spend, etc.
  3. Ethereum Classic Network goes down for a short time for maintenance.
  4. The offending miner has been identified, but it is not clear if it is an actual attack.
  5. The same network has confirmed a 51% attack at the start of 2019

Market Overview

  1. Market capitalization is $344 billion.
  2. The volume for the last 24 hours is $93 billion.
  3. Market Dominance Bitcoin 60.54%, Ethereum 12.04%
  4. Market Prices index as it is now, on


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