Summer photos of Totti

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Found old photos from one summer day a couple years ago. The day was beautiful and most of all, the most beautiful dog <3 Love his smile so much. Also one rare picture of me and Totti, I'm not often front of camera but rather behind it, but Totti was so cute in that picture that love the shot.










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So cute! So chill in the water hahah

Thanks @hiddenblade! Haha he is, he just like to stand in the water and cool down :D

Aww... Totti looks so happy when running around :3

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He is such a cutie :3

The pics where she runs hahah priceless, she is soo cute 😍

  ·  10 days ago (edited)

@lilchillgirl haha thank you, like them also, such a funny dog :D

Is that a Tibetan Spaniel? We used to have one, but she was quite small. Not sure I even have photos of her, but she was a lovely dog even after losing an eye. She had puppies with a Pekingese that were cute.

@steevc Yes, he is tibbie, though quite big for tibetan spaniel 😊 Nice to hear, it would be great to see photos of her. I have understand that the breed is common is in the Nordic countries, but apparently they are in other countries too? Tibetan spaniel has as breed place in my heart, they were the first dogs which I get to know when I was kid.

This is the only picture I could find of ours right now. No idea where this is, but I would guess nearly 40 years ago. Peppa on the right with my mum. Our Marti in the middle with me. Don't know whose the other dog was. Marti and Peppa got too excited when being fed one time and that's when she lost her eye.


  ·  6 days ago (edited)

@steevc Thanks for sharing, beautiful picture and especially the tibbie 😍

I've not noticed too many of them in the UK, but someone near us has one. I'll have to see if my parents have pictures of Peppa.

@steevc Respectively in Finland tibetan spaniel was 15th the most popular breed last year according to registration numbers of puppies.

I think in the UK they would be lower judging by how few I see.

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