Woman solo traveller: Rebel or free spirit?

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Woman solo traveller: Rebel or free spirit?

Ever heard about woman travelling on their own to all sorts of places? For some, it might sound as a way of rebelling against society, for others it's completelly madness due to insecurity issues... and for others, just like me, it's a way of finding freedom and getting to know myself to the core.

I had the chance of travelling on my own to different places: Europe, North America and even my own country, Argentina. And yet... I still have to face all sorts of comments when it comes to telling someone that I'm going on a trip by myself.

My first solo trip - Versailles

"Are you going to be safe?", "Will you travel solo? Ok, but there are a lot of places you can't go on your own", "Won't you get bored being alone?", "What are you running away from?". All sorts of questions that are simply weird to be asked and that might expose that being a woman solo traveller is still a very hard thing to do.


My first solo trip

I had just graduated from University, I had been working incredibly hard for the past three years, with no chance of going on holidays. So, after trying to plan trips with my friends and failing to do so, that's when it came to my mind.

What if I do it on my own?

I was scared, of course I was. I had just turned 24 years old and I didn't think of myself as a rebel or a courageous person to do that kind of thing. I started looking for reviews online, what Europe safe enough for a solo travelling girl? Luckily, a great blog showed up as soon as I googled. Lots of tips about how to travel on your own, how to feel safe and what it's like to be on your own for so long. Half an hour later, I booked my place ticket: Buenos Aires - London it was. A dream come true.

I was kinda scared to share what I was going to do with my friends and family, I thought they were going to judge me on the decision I had made. But turns out they didn't, they encouraged me to do what I wanted and that made me feel even better. Some of them even told me that they wanted to do that too, but they didn't have the guts. So here I was, having more guts that I ever thought I had.

Second day alone in London, my dream city.

The day came, I was about to go into migrations... and truth is I was really scared!

What was I going to do? What was it going to be like to spend so much time on my own? I'm a shy person, will I manage to make new friends? Is it too unsafe for me to go on a bar by myself? Will there always be someone willing to take pictures of me if I ask? So many questions... at that moment, no single answer.

Taking a flight by myself felt weird. Being at the airport by myself felt weird. Being alone in a place I have never been felt weird. Everything was weird, yet it was amazing!


Drawbacks of travelling on your own

"Are there any drawbacks of travelling on your own?", you might be wondering.

And all I'll say is that there are no drawbacks. No single thing.

When you're on your own, everything becomes a different experience. Whether things turned out the way you expected or not, you learnt something and I'm pretty sure that you got to know a different side of you. All that already makes it worth it, right?

Of course, you need to be careful and to make lots of research before going to a place, but what I realized is that people are really helpful and nice when they notice that you're travelling on your own. Luckily, it's been something that more woman are doing nowadays and, by showing and telling how our experience was, we get to encourage other girls to live this too.

Solo travelling (and hikking too...) in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina


Then... what to expect when solo travelling?

At first, lots of selfies and photos that will not look good. Lol. Kidding!

Solo travelling can mean a wide range of new and different experiences: trying new things, new friends, getting to know yourself and so many other things.

You will feel a lot more confident about yourself afterwards, as being completelly alone far from your home is a difficult task. Specially when it comes to being a lady and travelling far.

London - I had put my camera above a car to take a picture of me and it was about to fall down, lol

After travelling on my own for quite some time, these are the tips I can give you:

  • Make friends with the selfie stick: of course, you will want to have memories of your journey, so it's either being friends with a selfie stick or always asking someone to take pictures of you. People tend to be nice when you ask them this... but not all of them take proper pictures!!! Lol.

  • Lots of research: Before going to a place, make sure you have done your research. There are some places that are more complicated than others, so it's better for you if you gather some tips and read what other female travellers have said.

  • Keep an open mind: You will get to know different places, cultures and people. If you're shy, just like me, don't worry, you will get to know people and even you will make friends for life. People are nicer when they realize you're on your own.

  • Always keep an open eye: It's ok that some places are known to be extremelly safe, but you are far from your home and the people that care about you, so it's important to always keep an eye on everything. Don't trust people too much and always allow yourself to think twice before doing something.

Calton Hill, in Edinburgh!

If you were thinking about travelling solo, this is my help for you:

Go on and do it, you won't regret it!




I used to do a lot of solo travelling when I was younger. I loved it. As you say, it's about

finding freedom and getting to know myself to the core.

Then I traveled alone with a 4yo through Europe and Asia. Loved it. Everyone thought I was crazy.

Thing is you are never truly alone. You have the whole human race. And you don't have arguments about where to go 😂

Now I'm older I said to my hubby that I want to do more solo trips surfing in my van. Will you be okay? He said. For goodness sake - does he think I've lost my spirit and resourcefullness due to married life? Lol. If anything I crave it more. The space to be freeee

Lol. I chuckled on this part: "Will you be okay? He said."

However you traveling with a 4yo in Europe and Asia. That is freakin awesome! Does your child still remember your amazing trip together? And I certainly agree that we are never truly alone. I never felt alone or lonely during my first solo travel. We get to meet genuine souls along the way.

He recalls some things but not alot. But it did bond us deeply and gave me lots of stories to tell him! And I think it shaped him too. Gave him a sense of the world as a whole.

Yeah lol.. men. They sometimes like to think they are the great protector as if we can't look after ourselves!! Haha I punched his arm for that one!

He recalls some things but not alot. But it did bond us deeply and gave me lots of stories to tell him! And I think it shaped him too. Gave him a sense of the world as a whole.

This was lovely ❤️❤️❤️

And you don't have arguments about where to go 😂

Sooooo true!!!! Lol.
Once you go on your own, travelling with someone else becomes a challenge! Hahaha.
But you took it a step further... travelling with a 4yo? My respects to you, that must have been difficult... but yet an incredible adventure! You must have created a beautiful bond with your child, such powerful experience! :)

Will you be okay? He said.

Lol!!!! Well, then, when you travel by yourself again be prepared for question like 'what about your hubby? have you broken up? why didn't he come with you?'... as if you needed your hubby in every single thing you do, hahah.

Thank you for sharing your experience! I appreciate it! Hope to read more about your upcoming trips!!! :)

Well done for travelling around the world solo. Very brave. London is a great city. I go there quite a bit. Put Ireland on your list. It's a friendly place to come. many stay.

I've been to Dublin on that same trip, I loved it! Still. there are so many other places to visit... my bucket list includes a lot of other places around Ireland. Will be there in not long I hope ❤️

Ah yeah Dublin is not really Ireland. Get to Galway,kilkenny , Waterford and Kerry and you will see the real Ireland. If you need tips let me know.

Que lindo que te hayas animado a irte sola y tan lejos ♥️. Yo quisiera pero tengo miedo de aburrirme y también tengo algo de miedo... mientras tanto, me animo a ir solo en paquetes de viaje donde por lo menos estoy con un grupo 😅.

Hola amiga!
Al principio da mucho miedo, te lo entiendo. Pero es una experiencia super linda, te aseguro que conoces un monton de gente, todos son super amables y dispuestos a ayudarte si lo necesites. Animate a viajar asi que es super enriquecedor!!

I started following you specifically because you're Argentinian, and I love Argentina! It's high on my bucket list to travel it with either a bicycle, or motorcycle, or car + caravan, for at least a year. Even thought of emigrating to there, still thinking about it. I used to travel several countries solo too, but it was when the internet wasn't everywhere yet, so it felt lonely at times. But traveling should be compulsory for every person, it widens one's horisons tremendously.

I do agree with you, it's such nourishing experience!
Oh, glad to know that you like Argentina this much!!! It's a beautiful country, it certainly has so many beautiful landscapes and they're all so different from each other. Nature's simply incredible and I really hope that you get to visit here some day!!

Living here is somehow hard, though. There are a lot of political and economical issues that get worse and worse as days go by... that's really discouraging sometimes :(

Yes, the political situation in Argentina concerns me. Your country had one of the strongest, and fastest, growing economies in the 1930's, so it is such a pity that the ball got dropped. Nevertheless, I think Argentinians still have it in them to turn the ship around, and crypto currencies that are out of reach of power-hungry politicians will be a big part of civilians taking back control.

Thank you for the upvote and for following me, I really appreciate it! 😌 My blog here isn't a match for yours, but I will be blogging more here when I get enough resource credits. It's a pain to try and do a post, only to see 'insufficient credits'. But it's getting better.

I hope I'm in Argentina by the time Putin decides to nuke the whole Europe, things are looking increasingly bad. And South America is pretty much out of the way of the big drama.

I hope I'm in Argentina by the time Putin decides to nuke the whole Europe, things are looking increasingly bad.

Let's hope that they just keep the words to threats and don't attack or anything any place. It just feels so weird that this kind of attitudes keep on going on by year 2022...

If your wage is in any other fiat coin rather than Peso argentino, you can certainly live very, very good in here. There are some other issues, like insecurity (depending where you're planning to go. I'm from Buenos Aires and security is a big issue) and unstability... but, on the other side, there are amazing places like Ushuaia, Bariloche and Mendoza. Keep me up to date about how your emigration process is going or if you need any sort of particular information about Argentina :)

I haven't made up my mind yet on where to live in Argentina, was more thinking of buying a car and caravan and travel the country for a year or two, before making a decision. I'm originally from South Africa, and there's a history between SA and Argentina.

Around 1902, after the Anglo-Boer War, many Afrikaners that refused to swear the oath of loyalty to the British queen emigrated to the south of Argentina. They formed a small community there. Today there are still some of them there, that can still speak Afrikaans. But most of that community fully integrated with Argentina.

Tierra del Fuego (not sure if I spell it correctly now) is high on my bucket list. And Bariloche, have seen the photos of that gem. 😁 I'll let you know when I get there, it's likely to be this year already for a short visit to set things up.

Wonderful tips to share, @phendx.
I myself have travel alone, and I say yes to all of the above!
Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for reading @silversaver888 <3

Worst than never finishing a trip is never departing - amyr klink.
I've gone through most of what you described here. Parents freaking out and etc. Not for least, because my trips are generally unplanned madness \o\ I don't get why society get so over protective over solo girls. I've met solo girls in the middle of nowhere and they were perfectly fine.

I liked that way of travelling, "unplanned madness", hahahaha. They usually end up being a great experience just because you're open to anything that can happen, I love that!
Well, I'm travelling again in a couple of months but this time for a 6 month period of time... and I have nothing planned. Let's see how it goes...

It's gonna be awesome! Where are you going?

Oh @phendx! Solo Travellers are both - rebel and a free spirit. Rebel because we don't conform to society's programming and free spirit because we do whatever we want to our heart's desire. A wild heart indeed! Reading your blog made me miss traveling solo too! I admire your courage to go on an adventure in Europe! Perhaps, we might be able to travel again soon without restrictions.

Rebel because we don't conform to society's programming and free spirit because we do whatever we want to our heart's desire.

Beautiful! I couldn't have said it better!
Oh yeah, this pandemic situation has made travelling not difficult but weird. I'll leave on a six month solo travel in not long... and I'm still trying to gather as much informationa I can about places that accept the vaccines I have, tests and everything. It's something else that you need to take care of.

I hope you can get back to travelling solo soon!!!

When you're on your own, everything becomes a different experience.

So true! As a solo traveler myself, I identify with so much of this! I really like your writing style, and appreciate the depth of your journey :)

Awww, thank you so much for this lovely comment!! ❤️❤️❤️
There's nothing better for getting to know yourself than being by yourself in a completelly different environment... and you get to see beautiful places, thank you travelling! Lol

For many trips to come!

You have an adventurous spirit and it's really awesome that you do this! I'm not sure I would have the guts to do it. Love the pics; thanks for sharing!

Thank you so much @elizabethbit ❤️❤️
Think about it, at first it's scary as hell, but then you'll love it!!


i hope to solo travel soon, however i am still young and being in an Asian household is different. i had loved and enjoyed this content!

I'm so willing to get to know a bit about Asia too! It must be beautiful!
Whenever you feel you're ready for the experience, go for it! ❤️

yes, our culture as well is beautiful and Asia has so much to offer (being the largest continent had a say of this lol!)

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