Bitcoin scam: Twitter Hacking || Robinhood Attack or Eyewash?

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Recently some Twitter accounts has been hacked buy some hacker. Though they claim that it is a charity attack.

Most of the prominent person's account including parliamentarian, ex-president, businessman, media person, musician, TV reality show star and other famous public figures of USA included on this cyber attack.

This is termed by the prominent media as bitcoin scam. Is it a just robbery or something like charity attack as they claim?

I have mentioned here are my opinion about this scam. I also discussed about the cyber security concern. There are a lot of questions arising on our mind due to this occurrence as:

  • What should we do now?
  • If the prominent person's accounts are such vulnerable, then what about us?
  • Are we safe on the social media?
  • Should we change our interfaces?
  • Can web03 or blockchain be a better replacement?
  • What is waiting for next generation?

Lat have a cup of tea with searching the answers of this questions..


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