Suppressing Consciousness: What if Everything You’ve Been Taught is a Lie?

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For we are not contending against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6:12


(Plato’s Allegory of the Cave in a nutshell)

What does it mean to be human? How did we get here, are we merely just sophisticated apes, or the creation of a god? Is there a God? What is a soul? What is consciousness? These are all questions many of us have asked throughout our lives, questions that both science and religion attempt to answer; unsatisfactorily as far as I’m concerned. Even as a kid I had problems reconciling the vengeful vindictive God of the Old Testament with the seemingly loving God of the New Testament. There are numerous theories about these questions, some better than others. The answers given by both science and religion fail to pass the test of common sense, both being motivated by politics and religion. Here I will advance another theory, one that I considered “crazy” even a few months ago but now makes sense.

I’ve always been one that looked for explanations that even if they couldn’t be proven empirically at least make sense. For decades I’ve tried to make sense of interpretations of Biblical texts that just didn’t pass the test of common sense or from a scientific perspective. I guess I just didn’t have the requisite amount of “faith.” I’ve always intuitively known that there was a God -- a higher intelligence responsible for creation in a universal sense.

When it came to organized religion I took a viewpoint best summarized by George Carlin: There’s a guy in the sky with a long white beard that loves you… and he needs money. By organized religion in this context I’m talking about the Abramic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Isalm all having one thing in common -- they’re all about money, power, and control. Together they’ve created a system that has kept humanity enslaved for millennia rather than making them free. However, there’s a much larger agenda here -- the suppression of consciousness, preventing mankind from connecting with God.

Before going on we need to clarify some terms in order to prevent confusion. When I refer to GOD I’m not talking about the Abramic concept of GOD, but the real GOD, The Universal Consciousness, the Source, the Creator of All Life, not the vengeful vindictive god of the Old Testament. The battle for human freedom can be expressed in several ways containing both political and spiritual dichotomies… Good vs. Evil, Light vs. Dark, Freedom vs. Tyranny, and Consciousness vs. Slavery. We all have free will and can choose our own fates.

What then is consciousness, it’s something that the Old Testament only speaks of in passing when addressing the interaction between Eve and the “serpent” in the Garden of Eden, something we’ll explore in greater detail later on. Consciousness, according to Mayan Calendar scholar Ian Lungold, is “being aware that you’re aware.” This is sufficient on a superficial level and is another thing we’ll get into more as we go on, for now a form of awareness will do bearing in mind that there is a deeper, more spiritual meaning as well.

After reading the Bible numerous times one thing became abundantly clear to me; either God had a massive change of heart between the Old Testament and the New or we were talking about two completely separate entities. This is what led me to look for an alternate explanation, and what I found was life changing. I’ve always liked David Icke, but when he came out with his theory about reptilians from outer space I thought he had lost his mind. Then I began to think: How could this guy that got so many things right believe this ridiculous stuff?

Three or four years ago I watched several videos by a man named Gerald Clark about ancient Sumerian cuneiform texts and the Anunnaki, extraterrestrials from Nibiru who came to earth some 450,000 years ago looking for natural resources. I dismissed them out of hand -- they were interesting in the same way that science fiction is. Then about a month and a half ago I woke up one morning and something told me I needed to watch them again. I also reread Genesis Revisited by Zechariah Sitchin and suddenly things began falling into place. I began connecting dots and things began to make sense right up to the present Covid scamdemic. It’s all about consciousness and awareness… the great awakening.

Anunnaki Origins

I’m going to depend on several videos, some of them fairly long to try and make some sense and connect a few dots. Once again I know this might seem kind of crazy, it did to me too just a month or so ago, but if you keep an open mind it will make sense. This is a good primer on Clark’s work:


Please bear in mind that nobody is ever 100% right about anything, most of all myself. There are several points upon which I disagree with Mr. Clark, who sadly passed away last year from “unknown causes.” Another thing to bear in mind is that one aspect of human nature is to project our own evolution to the rest of the galaxy. We cannot equate where we were 450,000 years ago with any other civilizations. The galaxy is billions of years old and it’s not only possible but probable that there are civilizations far more advanced than our own. The Anunnaki are one such civilization. The Anunnaki are not their name, it’s a name given by the Sumerians some 4000-5000 years ago in the Enuma Elish, Atrahasis, Epic of Gilgamesh, Lamentations of Ur, etc. These have been passed off as “mythologies,” but are in fact histories as discovered by Sitchin, Clark, and a man named Mauro Biglino. Biglino was hired by the Vatican to translate the Old Testament from the original Maserite and found it identical to the Sumerian tablets. After the Vatican fired him he published his findings in a book.


The most salient points of the Anunnaki story, without repeating the entire video, are that the Anunnaki came around 450,000 years ago in search of natural resources, gold in particular. After a dispute with the laborers they brought with them -- the Igigi -- a new labor source was needed. Enki, the lead scientist, was instructed to create a new labor force (a slave race) through genetic manipulation -- splicing their own DNA with that of an early hominid. After several unsuccessful attempts the “men with black heads” were created.

I believe that we’re actually looking at two separate “creation stories” here. The first happened about 200,000 years ago in S. Africa where gold mines dating back over 100,000 years have been discovered. These were the men with black heads, the Negroid race. This supports at least in part the “Out of Africa” theory. However, some time later, after the human population began to increase the Anunnaki leadership -- most likely Enlil who was in charge at this point -- saw the need for a “managerial class.” These would become the priests and kings along with being slaves to the Anunnaki hierarchy. This was likely accomplished by infusing a higher amount of Anunnaki DNA into one of the men with black heads, or perhaps Cro Magnons.

Unbeknownst to Enlil, these new humans -- the “Adamu” -- were given by Enki the ability to seek higher consciousness, free will. Enlil had demanded a race of slaves incapable of recognizing their own condition of slavery. All living beings have the “spark of life,” from the creator of all life, GOD. Enki programmed us with the ability to break free of the slave matrix and seek the GOD consciousness, or we can choose to stay in spiritual salvery.

The Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden is in the vicinity of Enki’s city of Eridu in modern day Iraq, yet ironically, no archeologists have even dug there to look for it or anything else, despite it being the oldest city on earth. As the previous video indicated, ancient Sumeria was not only the “cradle of civilization” but the home of the Abramic (Abrahamic) religions as well. But we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves. As the Bible informs us, Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden after eating from the Tree of Knowledge, Eve having been tempted by the evil serpent.

It’s important to remember that the Old Testament was written by the followers of Enlil/Yahweh for the most part, giving him editorial oversight so to speak. Enlil told Adam and Eve “if you eat from this tree you will surely die.” Enki (“the serpent”) on the other hand told them that they would have knowledge and would be as gods (their Anunnaki “creators”). It’s also important to recognize that the Anunnaki were not gods, only an advanced race who seemed like gods to the people they genetically manipulated -- not created. Having discovered that Enki disobeyed his orders, Enlil/Yahweh created a system of worship to control the slave population along with a hierarchical system of government -- the slave matrix, a system that has worked up until this day.

The Abramic Religions

These Anunnaki “gods” were not supernatural beings expressed by religions around the world but flesh and blood entities that lived in Mesopotamia, Enki in Eridu, Enlil in Ur, and others elsewhere. For our purposes Enki, Enlil, and later Marduk are the ones we’re concerned with, both for brevity and to avoid confusion. Gerald Clark’s videos provide much more detail for anyone interested including a “Genealogy of the Gods” that includes generations of their lineage and their names in other “mythologies.”

Abram, or Abraham as he is known, was the son of the high priest of Enlil’s temple in Ur who oversaw the needs of Enlil, bringing food etc. Abram was sent by Enlil to become the patriarch of the Israelites from which both Christianity and Islam formed, although Christianity was usurped as we shall see. This is also where Enlil/Yahweh/Jehovah transitioned into a “supernatural” being. Much of the Old Testament is dedicated to supporting this claim, mostly through coercion and genocide. Think about this: What kind of legitimate god would say “for I am a jealous god and you will have no gods before me?” GOD, the Source, the Creator of all life, demands no worship. You are given the choice of seeking consciousness or continuing to live in the slave matrix. In Exodus 32:27 Yahweh tells Moses to slaughter the Israelites who had worshipped the golden calf. A true god would not demand slaughter or sacrifice.

Another important takeaway is that these Anunnaki “gods” were constantly fighting among themselves to establish themselves in positions of power, the most important fight for our purposes was between Enlil and Enki’s first-born son Marduk who has also become known as Baal and Moloch as well. Although Enlil was ceded control of Mesopotamia, Marduk took over Babylon establishing himself there. He also vied for control of the Levant (Israel, Syria, etc.) and was successful not only in taking this part of the world, but in wresting the leadership position of the Anunnaki Council away from Enlil as well.

The Split in Judaism

This is not in any way a condemnation of the Jewish people, my only intention is to point out that the Abramic religions are predicated upon a lie designed by the Anunnaki to keep mankind in a state of perpetual slavery using religion as a tool of captivity.

During what history calls the Babylonian Captivity a split in Judaism occurred with some following Enlil/Yahweh and the Torah and another sect following Marduk/Moloch and the Babylonian Talmud, a sect that engaged in child sacrifice and other atrocities. This is not to say that Enlil/Yahweh didn’t demand sacrifice, one need only look at the story of Abraham and Isaac for confirmation. However, child sacrifice was far more prevalent in Moloch worship along with other abhorrent practices such as pedophilia, something that goes on to this day.

The upcoming video explains a lot, the infighting amongst the Anunnaki, Enlil and Marduk in particular, as well as modern phenomena such as Pizzagate/Pedogate, the lack of empathy by current political leaders, the Covid scamdemic, all things we’ll get into more detail about later. At some point Enlil and Marduk combined forces to preserve the slave matrix creating the Dark Brotherhood along with entities from lower vibrational dimensions which we;ll explore in the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. Whether or not the Anunnaki still walk among us is almost irrelevant, they have their acolytes in positions of power around the globe.


One possibility that might explain what's going on is the orbit of Nibiru, the Anunnaki’s home planet. According to the calculations of Gerald Clark and others, Nibiru was supposed to reach perihelion around 2018. Depending on whether or not it comes closer to Earth on the way in or way out, we may be in for a visit from our “creators,” although it’s equally possible that they’ve been here all along.

Jesus and the New Testament

Before going on I want to delve into a brief discussion about the soul to help understand the role of Jesus and further define the Christ Consciousness -- our relationship with GOD, the Source. GOD is NOT a deity that requires worship -- whenever you encounter a religion that requires worship, it’s either a scam to make money, a control mechanism to keep you locked into the slave matrix, or likely both, a strategy that’s been very effective for millennia along with the political apparatus. If you notice, ever since religion has waned in popularity the political institutions have increased in size and scope; this is to ensure the control of the slave matrix.

GOD then is a consciousness, a set of qualitative principles among other things upon which the universe and everything in it operate. Both you and your soul, which is eternal by the way, are a part of this consciousness. People have described the body as a vessel for the soul -- it’s much more than that, it’s more of an antenna, or as Gerald Clark describes it, a “meat modem” that allows your soul contact with the Universal Consciousness.


This video is good but a bit misleading as it speaks about manifesting what you want in the material world. What Jesus is referring to is connecting with the Universal Consciousness not getting material things that you desire.

“In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God and the Word was with God.” (John 1:1) Word was taken from the Greek translation Logos, a weak substitute for the Greek term that means far more. According to my old philosophy professor, Logos roughly means a manifestation of consciousness. logos, (Greek: “word,” “reason,” or “plan”) plural logoi, in ancient Greek philosophy and early Christian theology, the divine reason ++implicit++ in the cosmos, ordering it and giving it form and meaning. Although the concept is also found in Indian, Egyptian, and Persian philosophical and theological systems, it became particularly significant in Christian writings and doctrines as a vehicle for conceiving the role of Jesus Christ as the principle of God active in the creation and the continuous structuring of the cosmos and in revealing the divine plan of salvation to human beings. It thus underlies the basic Christian doctrine of the preexistence of Jesus.”


The “principle” conceiving Jesus’ role in basic Christian doctrine was subverted at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD when the “Church” adopted (read: stole) Jesus for political purposes. To maintain the slave matrix Jesus had to be tied irrevocably to the Enlilite system effectively portraying Jesus as the “Son of God.” (Enlil/Yahweh) Any passages or books disputing the divinity of Jesus were deleted from the accepted Bible including Enoch and Jubilees from the Old Testament and the Gnostic texts from the New Testament. Going back for a moment to the passage from the Gospel of John…

A far better translation of the above passage would have been: “In the beginning was the Consciousness and the Consciousness was God and the Consciousness was of God.” When you replace Word with Consciousness you get a completely different and far more accurate meaning. We live in both the material universe and the GODverse, the Universal Consciousness, the Logos, or GODconsciousness/Christ Consciousness. There is nothing remotely religious or supernatural about this, it’s just a simple case of metaphysics. GOD is less a supernatural being than a set of principles, both physical as in the case of the laws of physics upon which the material universe operates, and moral -- the highest moral principle being love, or agape in the Greek hierarchy of love.

Who Jesus was and how he came to be here on Earth is a matter of speculation. Was he a man or divine? He referred to himself as “the son of man.” If I had to guess I would say that beings such as Jesus, Buddha, Horus, and perhaps others were created by Enki using the same in vitro method used to create the Adamu, only with more Anunnaki DNA. This explains the similarity between the stories of Jesus and Horus' births.

Ultimately, Jesus, Buddha, were here as teachers tasked with helping humankind escape the confines of the slave matrix. Christianity was never intended to be a religion but a way of life designed to lead people to consciousness much like Buddhism. This is why the Pharisees -- the agents of Enlil/Yahweh -- insisted that he be crucified… he was a threat to the existing power structure -- the Dark Brotherhood.

The Kingdom of GOD is Within You

This saying by Jesus from the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas was removed at Nicea along with the entire Gospel for obvious reasons; it directly challenged the authority of the priesthood, both “Christian” and Judaic. Equally threatening, if viewed in the proper context, are “narrow is the path that leads to salvation,” and “seek out your own salvation with fear and trembling.” Salvation is not found in religion or faith, you must seek consciousness on your own. No amount of money, faith, or intercession by the priestly class will help. You must look inside for the Kingdom of GOD.

Consciousness is a choice, you get one shot at it hence the “fear and trembling.” One issue upon which I differ with Gerald Clark is this: Clark believes that you have to seek enlightenment by firing up all of your chakras. If you fail to do so you have to keep coming back until you get it right. I believe that you need to realize that this is a slave matrix and you want to break free badly enough to live a fairly virtuous life -- don’t lie, cheat, steal, murder, etc. You can choose that, or you can join the Dark Brotherhood as many of our political, corporate, and social leaders have. Those that choose the dark path go to the lower vibrational frequencies described in the Emerald Tablets of Thoth after death. Hell is being absent from the presence of GOD.

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth

Man is in process of changing

to forms that are not of this world.

Grows he is time to the formless,

a plane on the cycle above.

Know ye, ye must become formless before ye are with the LIGHT,

Speak I of Ancient Atlantis,

speak of the days

of the Kingdom of Shadows,

speak of the coming

of the children of shadows.

Out of the great deep were they called

by the wisdom of earth-men,

called for the purpose of gaining great power.

Far in the past before Atlantis existed,

men there were who delved into darkness,

using dark magic, calling up beings

from the great deep below us.

Forth came they into this cycle.

Formless were they of another vibration,

existing unseen by the children of earth-men.

Only through blood could they have formed being.

Only through man could they live in the world.

In ages past were they conquered by Masters,

driven below to the place whence they came.

But some there were who remained,

hidden in spaces and planes unknown to man.

Lived they in Atlantis as shadows,

but at times they appeared among men.

Aye, when the blood was offered,

for they came they to dwell among men.

In the form of man they amongst us,

but only to sight were they as are men.

Serpent-headed when the glamour was lifted

but appearing to man as men among men.

Crept they into the Councils,

taking forms that were like unto men.

Slaying by their arts

the chiefs of the kingdoms,

taking their form and ruling o'er man.

Only by magic could they be discovered.

Only by sound could their faces be seen.

Sought they from the Kingdom of shadows

to destroy man and rule in his place.

These are the beings that were the Night Gods in my book, shadowy vibrational creatures that required blood sacrifices to maintain their existence. This also explains Pizzagate/Pedogate and the harvesting of adrenochrome from the blood of terrified children as well as the current interest of Moloch worship by many of the globalist elites. I know this might sound ridiculous, but it’s also quite possible. Remember, we can only see a tiny fraction of the electromagnetic light spectrum, and hear a tiny portion of the electromagnetic sound frequencies.

If you view the current geopolitical environment this doesn’t sound so crazy -- political leaders devoid of empathy for example. You may remember the Arch of Palmyra copies going on display around the world not long ago with one being at the entrance of the Coliseum in Rome, the home of the Vatican. Palmyra contained the temple of Baal/Moloch/Marduk. Also remember that although these were not gods they have acolytes/agents to this day, people who have sold their contact with the Universal Consciousness to the lower vibrational entities for money and power in this lifetime, hence, “he sold his soul to the devil for fame and fortune.” These people’s bodies were not taken over in their sleep, they sold their souls deliberately.

Among these people are some of the world’s most powerful families -- the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Clintons, along with the European Royalty, and many other celebrities and political power brokers. They serve the Dark Brotherhood by keeping the slave matrix intact and functional… whatever it takes. They also keep the lower vibrational entities supplied with blood; their lives depend on it. Now does Moloch worship rituals at Bohemian Grove, Pizzagate/Pedogate, and several hundred-thousand missing children every year make sense?”

“As above, so below.” This has nothing to do with heaven or hell but refers to the ongoing battle for power between the Anunnaki and their representatives on Earth, with the power shifting from time to time. Although the prime directive is to maintain the slave matrix, Enlil/Yahweh and Marduk/Moloch vie for power against each other. They may have the same agenda but they both still want to run the show. This power struggle plays out here on earth. Up until the Balfour Declaration in 1917 that foreshadowed the Israeli state, Israel was run by Enlil/Yahweh as Palestine, a British Protectorate. Once Israel became an independent state the Marduk/Moloch faction took over under the Rothschilds. Marduk gained control of the US in 1913 with the imposition of the Federal Reserve, a Rothschild bank.


I don’t like that Mr. Clark tries to implicate all Jewish people in his diatribe, they are locked in the same slave matrix as the rest of us. It’s the Globalist world leadership, some of which are Jewish, that protect the matrix. The Sabbatean-Frankist Illuminati is also a key part of the Marduk/Moloch slave matrix and the debauched lifestyle it represents -- something that Mossad agent Epstein was a part of.


The Mayan Calendar and the Great Awakening

The most important aspect of the Mayan Calendar, the Tun or “long-count,” is that it measured time in epochs or stages of consciousness. Although I don’t necessarily agree with everything Mr. Lungold says, his timeline is fairly accurate. For example the appearance of modern man around 160,000 years ago, and with it reason, the ability to choose or decide -- Enki and the Garden of Eden. According to Lundgold’s interpretation in or around Feb. of 2011 we entered the epoch of Universal Consciousness foreshadowing a universal awareness -- an awakening -- a huge threat to the Dark Brotherhood and the slave matrix. Beginning at around 38:00 continuing to 120:00 for our purposes explains how the long count calendar works.


If you look back, it was at the beginning of the 21st Century that the powers that be began clamping down on individual rights… events such as 9/11, the Patriot Act, later the NDAA. The Dark Brotherhood is terrified of the Great Awakening and our joining with the Universal Consciousness. Virtually everything the globalist elites have done has been an effort to suppress consciousness if you think about it.

At around 1:50 of the video Lungold talks about stress and its effect on consciousness. In this context stress is equivalent to fear, one of the primary tools used by governments around the world throughout history to control populations. This along with mind control techniques such as MKUltra, social engineering organizations like Tavistock Institute, the use of drugs -- Big Pharma -- intelligence agencies, DARPA, foundations such as the Rockefeller and Gates Foundations, and others, many of which I’ve been writing about for years, are all “servants” [allies and willing accomplices] of the Dark Brotherhood. Add to this things like fluoride in the water supply to make us compliant, vaccines with horrific side effects, and mass media propaganda. It was while rewatching Clark’s videos that all of this fell into place. If “The Awakening” is allowed to happen, the slave matrix and the control mechanism falls apart.

The Awakening is going to happen, there’s no stopping it. What people need to do is stop fighting among ourselves -- this is not an issue of Left vs Right, Republican vs Democrat, but Light vs Darkness, Freedom vs Continued Slavery, Consciousness vs Unconsciousness. The question is: How many people have to die before anyone wakes up enough to realize there’s a war?

Phased Out: Artificial Intelligence and Transhumanism

It appears that a decision was made at the highest levels some time ago that humans are no longer the most efficient means of production and as the population nears 8 billion it’s too difficult to control us all. As technology progresses the human computers designed by the Anunnaki are being replaced by mechanical computers or in some cases a combination of the two. As the Georgia Guidestones inform us the optimum population, according to our “masters” is 500 million. This video by researcher Deborah Tavares informs us not only about the tactics being used against us but how long our own government has been waging war against its own people at the behest of the Dark Brotherhood. (This video is critical in understanding the current state of affairs both in the US and around the world)


The elites -- the powers controlling the matrix -- are aware of the Awakening and are doing everything in their power to prevent it from happening. Once enough people wake up their power and control are gone. They view us, the general population, as subhuman and it doesn’t matter how many they have to kill to suppress consciousness. This war against humanity has been going on for centuries and as the population grows and becomes more aware so does their desperation. The US, as Deb Tavares points out, became a corporation in the 1930s with FDR’s Banking Act of 1933.


I also wrote about Silent Weapons for Silent Wars, its attack on the nuclear family and the use of biological warfare.


Mankind is on the brink of virtual extinction. As we become less and less valuable to the slave system we will be slowly wiped out, a few at a time so as not to raise any alarm. We will be replaced by robots, AI, and hybrids made possible by the AI/human interface -- transhumans. There will still be humans but they will be slaves whose thoughts are controlled. There will be a slow-motion genocide the likes of which this planet has never seen. One of the most potent weapons at the ruling elites’ disposal are vaccines.

Covid-19: The End of Mankind As We Know It

The SARS-CoV-2 virus is far less significant than the peripheral issues surrounding it -- the loss of rights and civil liberties, vaccine mandates, lockdowns that have essentially destroyed the economy, a draconian surveillance apparatus that increases the power of governments, intelligence agencies, Big Pharma, and the ruling elites who use their foundations and NGOs to force their agenda upon the rest of us… and finally (perhaps) the upcoming quarantine (read: concentration) camps that will separate any dissenters (people who still think for themselves) from the slaves... 1984 on steroids. It’s difficult to control 8 billion people all at once; many will have to be eliminated, the others further enslaved.

As I’ve written numerous times before, vaccines are far more dangerous than the virus itself and there’s a nefarious agenda behind the mandates that have nothing whatsoever to do with public health. The injuries and deaths tied to these toxic injections are being covered up by Big Pharma, government agencies (CDC, FDA, WHO, NIH, etc.), and the mass media. This is part of the depopulation effort. The US, UK, Australia, Canada, and NZ (the FVEY countries) have joined together to fight “vaccine resistance.” What’s happening currently in Australia will soon happen here. Like I said before, this is about power and control, not public health.

These “vaccines” contain nanoparticles such as graphene oxide that are created to interact with smart meters, 5G, and other technologies and act as antennae and to breach the blood/brain barrier along with rewriting our DNA through the use of mRNA technologies. Now scientists are experimenting with ways to include these same mRNA nanoparticles in the food supply -- which becomes more controlled by the day.


I’ve written enough articles about the Covid agenda and those behind it for people to understand what’s going on without further belaboring the point. All of the technologies behind the vaccines are designed for two purposes, either to kill the recipient or suppress consciousness using technological mind control techniques. I also want to include this, sent to me by @iamstan:


Here are a couple of similar articles (that I probably should have included under AI and Transhumanism) for anyone interested:



It should be abundantly obvious by now that none of these technologies, Covid “vaccines,” AI, and Transhumanism have nothing to do with benefiting mankind and everything to do with preserving the slave matrix by suppressing consciousness thus postponing the Awakening for as long as possible.

A World of Perception


We all have a framework through which we decode and understand the world around us, the information flow, and like it or not this framework has been manipulated and distorted, something that has gone on throughout history. We are at the beginning of an epoch of awareness, of consciousness, and how we frame the information we receive is critical to the outcome for mankind, particularly in seeing the “big picture,” making the history of the world a critical component in its outcome. Are you beginning to understand the significance of the Covid scamdemic, mandatory vaccines, etc. now. It’s all being done to distort our framework, to suppress our consciousness.

If you study history from within a rubric of consciousness and not as a series of events you get a completely different picture. It was after rewatching Clark’s videos and reading Sitchin and Mauro Biglino that I finally saw the big picture and the things I’ve been writing about for all these years came into perspective.

There is a GOD, but it isn’t the supernatural Guy in the Sky that always needs money. There was a real Jesus who came to save mankind, but not in the way described in most of the New Testament much of which was written by Paul (Saul of Tarsus), an Enlilite disinformation agent. Much of the truths were removed at the Council of Nicea along with the Gnostic Gospels, but there’s still a lot of truth in the Bible if you look for it and know how to frame it. It is not the Word of God, it’s the word of Enlil/Yahweh.

We’ve been having many UFO disclosures lately with many people believing they’ve come to save mankind from ourselves. I’ve seen reports saying that there are numerous species of aliens living underground and working with governments around the world -- usually reported by people who die under questionable circumstances not long after reporting. Are there UFOs? I don’t know, I’ve never seen one. What I do know is that the explanation given by the Sumerians millennia ago not only makes sense but is the only plausible explanation I’ve come across. How was a primitive civilization without telescopes aware of the existence of Uranus and Neptune -- planets not “discovered” until the 18th and 19th centuries? Where is the “missing link” touted by anthropologists?

The history recorded by the Sumerians and other ancient cultures -- many of them consistent -- have been dismissed as “myths.” How were the Mayans, a bunch of Indians that lived in the jungle, able to construct such a sophisticated calendar, luck?

The likely truth is that the alien life forms that genetically manipulated primitive hominids some 200,000 years ago are still either here or in charge of the ruling elites as Gerald Clark informed us. This explains phenomena such as Pizzagate/Pedogate and the consumption of adrenochrome much better than they’re just people with ugly habits. This has likely been going on throughout history, from the child sacrifices to Marduk/Baal/Moloch until today, done to preserve the slave matrix and satisfy the needs of the lower vibrational creatures inhabiting the bodies of the global elites. Like the Bible says “there’s nothing new under the Sun.”

Of course we’re far too intelligent and sophisticated to believe any of this mythological nonsense, or that there was a time when gods walked with men -- they’re just the ramblings of primitive people trying to understand the world around them without the benefit of our wisdom or technologies. If you believe that, please explain how the pyramids or Stonehenge were built, I’ll wait.

We are not alone in the universe, nor have we ever been. In fact we’re the new kids on the block so to speak. We were “created” by an advanced species who have been known by many names throughout history -- Anunnaki, Elohim, Adoni, Watchers, and others in different cultures. They designed us to live in a slave system, but in this new epoch of awareness both they and their managing elite here on Earth are afraid of losing their power over us… and they’re willing to resort to anything, even genocide, to maintain their system of power. Their internal power structure is maintained through blackmail, usually but not limited to pedophilia and other sexual deviancy, perhaps even murder in the form of sacrifice.

I really hope that you took the time to watch the videos and look at the linked articles, they’re all important in understanding what’s going on. We’re running out of time and we’re up against a very powerful and determined adversary -- one that will stop at nothing to realize their agenda. Like I said at the beginning nobody is 100% right about anything, least of all me. However I do feel that I’ve presented a valid case that we’ve been lied to since the dawn of time and have presented a cogent counter-argument to the lies and propaganda. It’s time to reclaim our destiny and become one with the Universal Consciousness -- it’s time for the Awakening and the end of slavery. Repeat after me… I AM FREE! Now act like it.


I've been taking a lot of herbal supplements and they're starting to help. As long as I don't move around too much I'm breathing easier. When my heartrate gets up I start gasping for air and I have to put my oxygen on.

It took about a month of watching videos and reading to do this post. I think I may turn it into a book.

You should man!! Your have a good writing style and world do a blinder in a book.

Glad to hear it's a bit easier for you mate :0)

Thanks old friend. I've already started, starting out with explaining the different properties of energy. GOD and consciousness are both energy not some invisible guy that lives in the sky.

Yeah, I think a lot of people could get more on board with a reasonable explanation like that than the man in the sky nonsense.

Thanks for saying that, I was worried that I might not have sounded reasonable.

Who Jesus was and how he came to be here on Earth is a matter of speculation. Was he a man or divine? He referred to himself as “the son of man.” If I had to guess I would say that beings such as Jesus, Buddha, Horus, and perhaps others were created by Enki using the same in vitro method used to create the Adamu, only with more Anunnaki DNA. This explains the similarity between the stories of Jesus and Horus' births.

He also refers to God as "father", but when he talks to the pharisees he uses the phrase "your father the devil."🤔

Exactly! The Pharisees served either Enlil/Yahweh or Marduk/Moloch depending on where they were, both evil entities as far as Jesus was concerned. Jesus came to teach us how to escape the slave matrix and become free, one with his father, the Universal Consciousness. Most of his teachings have been hidden so we have to look for their meanings in the New Testament, the Apocrypha, and the Gnostic Gospels.

Your article is amazing. I've never seen something so thorough regarding these topics.

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THank you, I've decided to try to turn it into a book. I left so much out of the article, there were still over 10 pages of notes, and many ideas that I didn't develop as much as I wanted to. I guess I've been long winded, in college I used to get yelled at for turning 5 page papers into 25 page dissertations. Thanks again.


When you research something, you really research it.

Best wishes from down under

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Thanks my friend. This was the short version, I had another good 10 pages of notes I didn't use. I also left out all the quotes except one. I think I may do a book on this.

BTW I hope things get better for you guys down there, but I have a feeling it's coming here.

yes - we look at Aus to see what we are getting next, and you guys are looking at us - it's a race to home arrest and we are in #2 place charging hard

I was pretty sure NZ was the winner in the camps race, but when i caught them changing federal law I am thinking now its more a race to see who gets ovens going first. too bleak, sorry. link to the legislation in Australia.


Man, that was a lot. The comment I was going to leave kept changing with each section, and now my first response is out of my head! I thought Sitchen was plausible when I read it, but now it seems like that was the paperback version of History Channel's Ancient Aliens, which is bullshit and perhaps intentional predictive programming in preparation for the event to top this current one. We certainly never often get history from the loser's perspective. The last relative I had that could tell me about WWII from his seat has been dead for awhile now. There are discussions on Tartarians and the mud flood that interest me, which makes me think they will go the way of geocentric/flat earth discussions that interested me, which is to say the History Channel and youtube will dismiss it, because it conflicts with the story they've been selling. Which might be partially true.😖

For decades I’ve tried to make sense of interpretations of Biblical texts that just didn’t pass the test of common sense or from a scientific perspective.

But hey @ richq11! How comes that you haven't asked me these questions years before? If you had only come to me to ask years ago, no doubt I would have saved you decades of reading misery, doubts, anguish and confusion with pure & solid scientific facts from my convoluted ancient memory long time ago. };)

Excellent post and looking into our past is the only way that we will understand who we really are

One doesn't have faith in things he doesn't believe. One could come here and give you a lecture on religion and if you don't have faith, you won't believe.

I have felt this way sometimes. What if it is all a lie? What could the truth be?. Sometimes I feel like everything on earth connects to some form of truth. A truth that could make one run wild.

I read a book that says that 'truth comes to those who are ready for it's. How true I'd that?

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This is the most complex topic you will ever talk about.
You can't define the God who created the universe with research and common sense but I can only guarantee you the only way to know that God and that's through Jesus Christ.God who created the whole universe has become a mystery to science and science can never find him nor know about him because our sense can't comprehend God existence.But God himself who created the universe revealed himself to us through Jesus Christ . Follow Jesus and you will see God who created the universe.You can never find him outside Jesus and this is what science don't know.Even if they find him for billions of years they can't see him he will forever remain a mystery.

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Thanks, that pretty much sums up what I was saying.

What can I say, man,
you have a beautiful mind,
you are a treasure!
I am so glad that you've chosen to post on the blockchain,
because this means forever!

Thank you so much! 🙏

Thank you my friend, I'm humbled. I'm going to try to do a book.

You can do this!