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Nothing seems normal right now in our world, even some naturally looking death are not. Just like depicting a mere flu as deadly just to throw the world into disarray and its just a fraction of people doing this. Just like Bourdain's death and a host of others before and after him.

Anthony's death was pronounced suicide, he had allegedly hung himself with the belt of his bathrobe from a shower curtain rod. Same style Chester B of Linkin Park presumably hung himself, why do they all have to die from doorpost and curtain rods? We all saw that coming, i mean some of us since Harvey Weinstein was exposed by Anthony Bourdain, then hired Israeli Mossads agents to stifle investigations into the sexual allegations against the Hollywood Mogul. You might be wondering how the Clinton's comes into picture because suddenly Bourdain has committed suicide - Sounds like a Revenge and a warning?

Watch video Below in full:

Connecting the dots between the Harvey sexual scandal through to the “Hilary Clinton the Witch” and the slaughtering of Anthony Bourdain disguised as another suicide, I would like to state for those who don’t know that suicide is the easiest way to cover up cold blooded murder once deep states operatives like the Clinton's and Mossads are involved, they work with the illuminati and Mansons who runs the entertainment industry, politics and the world generally. Once a target has been marked, or must have been picked based on some files or information they must have stumbled upon; they all die in suspicion circumstances!


Anthony Bourdain was the newest target, the veteran celebrity travel host and chef was killed at age 61 in Strasburg France with main stream media allegedly claiming its suicide by hanging.


Which raised red flags about how a former drug addict (Heroine) chose hanging as means of death over drug overdose in a successful suicide?

Feels wrong right? He died in Europe, in a foreign hotel room irrespective of the mainstream media coverage of his alleged suicide, the truth will surface and is surfacing despite the cover up stories. Part of the truth was that Anthony knew so much about the illuminati and he had been exposing some of their evil acts over time just like exposing Harvey Weinstein.

His death was a warning to other whistle blowers like Julian Assange and Donald Marshall, all these guys have something in common; they have seen the unseen and heard the unheard which makes them a threat to the Elite and powerful.

As a celebrity, Bourdain had spent a great deal of his career in the entertainment industry and he is aware of the satanic theme that revolves around entertainment (News, Movies, and Music etc.)

”During the commercial breaks for FRIENDS (an American Sitcom), the entire cast would chant Hail Satan-little known facts I saw on the internet”- Anthony Bourdain

The above statement was a tweet by the late Anthony, like many other of his exposing tweets while still alive, coupled with the fact of having a girlfriend raised in a Satanist family who was among the Hollywood women molested by Harvey Weinstein.


That name still rings a bell?

All along, Bourdain was threading on the hedge of the ledge with the illuminate, exposing what happens on movie sets and tweeting about sinister things done by Hollywood elite, exposing Harvey was beyond entertainment it transcends into political net with Hilary which could bring her career down, something Madam Clinton will never allow to happen.


Hilary Clinton and Harvey Weinstein are buddies, once again; facts are floating around the internet and the media the kind of evil and sinister friends Hilary keeps, she seems to have a stomach for wolves in sheep clothing’s and they say- Birds of the same feathers …!

”Know what Hilary Clinton is NOT? She is not stupid or unsophisticated about the World, the Weinstein story had been out there for years”- Anthony Bourdain

That is another tweet from Bourdain about Hilary, the defeated Presidential aspirants seems to roll well with sexual predators and abusers; her husband Bill, Billionaire Jeffery Epstein and Harvey Weinstein all had history of sexual abuse, even though most of the allegations were covered up, some facts still got out. These guys and other evil Billionaires all fund the Clinton Foundation.


Agento, Anthony’s girlfriend who was among the dozens of women Harvey Weinstein sexually abused stated clearly at the Canines Film Festival that there are many like Harvey in the Entertainment industry just like in politics; sexual predators, child molesters, paedophiles, blood suckers abound which Bourdian must have been filled in by Agento and of cause from other sources which had cost his life. He apparently was helping his girlfriend get justice and to expose more Harvey Weinsteins, and his death was a message to the actress and others to back off.

If Agento was killed, it would be too obvious who did, so Anthony must be erased from the equation, a plan that had been perfected since March 2018 according to the famous cult magazine, see screenshot below;


Bourdain seemed to have been caught in two traps; the illuminati who never forgives and kills at will, and the Clinton Mafia who would do anything to keep their secrets hidden.

It is like holding a venomous snake with heads at both ends of the body, it doesn’t matter which side you hold or touch because both sides has heads that bites and kills!

All Images used are screenshot while transcribing the videos!

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His death was such a great loss to the world. I don't think we'll ever know the truth about what actually happened. I've been following the story pretty closely for the past few years and am friends with Zamir, one of Bourdain's friends who appeared in some of his shows. One of Anthony's other friends (an Asian chef whose name I can't remember) was interviewed on Joe Rogan and said Bourdain reached out to him the year before he died claiming to be seriously struggling with depression. Depression is such a difficult thing to grasp. Whatever happened you just hope the man is in a place of peace right now. It's very sad.

I watched one of his videos where he said he partied with some Elite and they had human flesh, since then I knew his mind would be tampered with. I hope his soul really finds peace