Body Awareness - Who You See On The Outside, Is A Reflection Of How They Feel On The Inside!

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I got lots of great comments in my last post about body image and body awareness and I want thank everyone for taking the time to read it and reply. The images I used certainly triggered a lot of responses about how being overweight is not something that should be embraced. That’s not really what my post was about!

For sure being overweight or underweight is not healthy, and that is what is most important, our health. But to get to that point, we first have to be able to embrace the bodies that we have right now, whatever the size! Because if we are to change anything we need to learn to accept ourselves for who we are, we need to love the person that we are.

A lot of people who suffer with their weight, do so because of low self-esteem and low self-confidence. So if we don’t begin by loving ourselves in this moment, then it’s really hard for us to change anything on the outside. This really all stems from people feeling insecure, not feeling good enough or not feeling valued.

A lot of people with eating disorders, feel like they have very little control over their lives. Usually this is because they have suffered from some sort of abuse. So they then seek to gain back some of the control that they lost and the easiest thing to control is what we choose to put into our bodies. So you can have people who over eat or under eat. In this way they get to take some of the control back from the person, who was or still is abusing them. Who was claiming ownership over them.


Like I said in my last post, it’s really important to embrace the body that you have. Because it's not about saying that being overweight or underweight is okay, it’s about helping people to find the confidence again to care for themselves, instead of following such destructive paths.

It's about promoting self love, that’s really where we need to start, that’s the most important thing and everything just stems out from that. Because if you love yourself, then you’re gonna wanna look after yourself, you’re gonna wanna take care of yourself. You’re finally going to want to put the time and effort into yourself, because you feel like you deserve it and that you are worth it.

You are gonna wanna be healthy. You will want a healthy body and a healthy mind, they all go hand-in-hand and that is the message that I was trying to promote. How important it is to have a positive relationship with ourselves, with our bodies, because if we’ve been neglected growing up and in our relationships then we tend to then neglect ourselves because that’s all that we know.

So start with self love, start with promoting self-love, with promoting self acceptance and then we can start talking about our relationship with food, our relationship with exercise. Both of which is an expression of self love anyway, it’s a natural progression from self love.


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We need to move away from passing judgement, something that is o easy to do. It's so easy to look at someone and make up our own little story, about why you think they look a certain way and how they should be living, but you don’t know what they they have been through.

We don’t know their story. I certainly don’t know why they are neglecting themselves, so pointing the finger, labelling them,is not really going to help. Providing a space for them to feel comfortable and accepted for who they are on the outside will!
Because how they feel on the inside, is a reflection of how they look on the outside. We have got to be very careful about how we treat people. So lets start by being more accepting. By providing a safe space for them ,where they feel accepted by others, so that they can then begin to love and accept themselves.

Then we can open up a conversation about healthy eating and lifestyle. But like I said earlier on, those things are a natural progression on from loving oneself. From feeling empowered, feeling strong and embracing who you are!

When you love yourself, you are going to want to take care of yourself, then you are you going to take an interest in the food that you eat, in the way that you live. So let's start with love!


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Such an important post. I was thinking the other day about how important it is to appreciate our own beauty. Then, we can love ourselves and then extend that love to others.

Yes it all starts with love, hope all is well with you and that you have settled back into your beautiful home xxxx

What a beautiful response and follow on from your previous post and the interactions!

thank you beautiful xxxx