Release the Illusion of Control - Trust Fall the Universe

in Natural Medicine2 months ago (edited)

As you may have seen, I woke up yesterday morning planning to go on a camping trip. My friend and I were all set to get scooped up at noon, and head for the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado.

Well, as it turns out things went sideways, and that ride to the dunes never appeared. Instead, we ended up having an impromptu @wearechange-co meeting, with @in2itiveart dropping in, and even Ford Fischer of @news2share coming by - as he had come into town hoping to make a mini-documentary about Johnny.

I just love how every year, when I leave Rainbow, the just trust-fall the universe message becomes so loud and clear. As soon as I stop trying to "plan" or "know" what's coming next, the most beautiful magic unfolds.

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Love hearing stories about the universe gently guiding one through the synchronistic reality we love in, especially after a 🌈 gathering.
Good luck in Colorado dude.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful reminder.
I release control and surrender to the flow of Love...

Yes that was and IS hellacool- I try to live that way every day

It certainly was! It was a wonderful surprise to see you :-)