Yellow spring graphics

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For myself, I have identified three spring periods: blue, yellow and green. I believe that it is already clear why they are named in this way, but still I will explain. Blue is the very beginning of spring, when there is still snow. Why not white? Because the snow at this time most often has a blue tint due to deep shadows. Green is most understandable: the grass and foliage begin to turn green in mid or late May.

Well, yellow is one of my favorite spring periods.

During the period when the snow has already melted, and nature has not yet woken up, everything around is gray-yellow-brown.

This is the most graphic period of the year.

A similar state of nature can only be in late autumn.

While trying to capture something like that, I took part in repeating my last year's plots.

Yes, you can shoot this for a very long time and I no longer have a feeling of shame for it.

The society appreciated the graphic plots of this kind.

But repeating yourself is a dead end. (It is possible, but only just a little bit and if the quality is not worse than the previous experience)

And then I turned on the search mode...