Ustye-Kubenskoye. Boat festival. Part 1

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I managed to visit the next holiday and mass festivities of people. In the village of Ustye-Kubenskoye, a skill review competition was held to create a boat, and their driving performance on the water was also taken into account. But it's like a fishing competition in Kirillov - just a small excuse to gather people from different parts of the region. On the whole, there was an ordinary regional festival with a fair in Ustye.


Boats of craftsmen from different parts of the region were first exhibited on the embankment, and then they were lowered into the water one by one for the parade.

The boats were made of different materials, but the main one was still wood.

Many people came to see the parade of boats.

The boats were launched by hand.

The Kubena River at its mouth is very wide and deep.

For local residents, a boat is an integral part of everyday life.

And for me the boat is the main element of the river landscape.

Several times in my life I still managed to swim in different boats, from rowboats to motor boats, and I had a chance to steer both of them myself.

There were more and more boats on the water, and the number of spectators increased.

People of all ages came to see the spectacle on the water.

Here is another boat being carried to the water.

The chief judge is watching what is happening from the land.

The boats are parading.

There is already such a thing as a storm on the Kuben River. But today we were lucky with the weather: the wind is moderate.

I need to have time to shoot the report, and the spots, and the street!

Although very often what I shoot for myself is also suitable for publication as a reportage.

To be continued...


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