Russell''s Chatter Know when to break the rules and Name Three Things

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Hi Folks

Welcome to Russell's Chatter where I will ramble of things that have happened, stories, tales, and journey's that I have taken on many paths.

Some will be my own travels and some will be about Online business.

I will promote various programs that I am a part of and in this respect they will be programs that are part of my Programs That Work Network

I hope that you will enjoy this journey with me


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3 of my favorite places: Anywhere in the North Carolina mountains, Basketball game at Mackey Arena (Purdue) and at church with my AWANA children.

I would situate myself in the middle of rule followers and rule breakers, as there are millions of rules and it really depends on them... We can't say that all are bad, or that all are good either...

I like your teacher's saying... :)

3 places? sometimes a bed to sleep, good quiet fishing place and a morning in the forest... :)

Great video, Russ! Your teacher sounded very wise :) Yes, rules can be good in general to keep society a bit less of a hot mess. Otherwise, we'd be running around like wild animals (or pixies, in this case). But as time goes on, I am starting to break out of some of the rules. My eyes are opening to a new awareness & sometimes, rules can pose as a smoke screen as well. Ultimately, it's all about balance. :)

And yay, @jangle is back! SO happy! :) Best news all month!

As far as 3 places: my bed (love my sleep), the beach at sunrise & NYC :)

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