I Am Alive Challenge 23 may 2020 #iamalivechallenge and Name Three Things

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Hi Folks

This post is in response to the #IAmAliveChallenge put out by @flaxz

The Idea is to post a Video, Picture or just post, could be a poem or a one liner about I Am Alive

Do this every day and show people that you are doing well, and what you may have done for the day

More about the concept can be found at this post

Here is my entry for today


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So many things can be hot, lets see.
The sun is hot
Carolina reaper peppers are hot
and I like my coffee hot


#IAmAliveChallenge engagement reward

Coffee! Right now.
Tea-also right now but will be served cold later.
Jalapeno Peppers

Interesting. I know of a three sisters landmark in the Blue Mountains of NE Oregon and SE Washington.

Glad you are alive! I have a walk that was scheduled today but is ppd until mid week next. It'll be a pair of bird watching trails on Laguna Mountain in SoCal. I'm looking forward to it.


#IAmAliveChallenge engagement reward

  1. Crypto is hot...
  2. Printing money machine is over-heated... :)
  3. Tea can be hot... :)


#IAmAliveChallenge engagement reward

25,000 upvotes. Are you popular or what? Love it that you are part of IAAC with us common folk. LOL


#IAmAliveChallenge engagement reward

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