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Today's Highlighted Post is by @nonsowrites

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Completed My 100 Days of Coding Today

Today @nonsowrites writes about his journey over the past 100 days in learning a new skill that he believes is his future career direction

I have chosen this post today because I believe that over the past 6 months many people have been in various states of flux in having to look at new avenues to earn a living,. Some changing tact alltogether, such as @nonsowrites, and some just improving on what they already know.

The current worlwide situation has given us all the opportunity to look to further study and development.

We spoke about it 5 months ago when the world was first going into shutdown and we can still have this conversation today. @nonsowrites took the bull by the horn and has now completed 100 days of learning a new skill and now has the knowledge that he can start applying this tool to continued learning and no doubt application in the weeks to come.
People like @nonsowrites become our developers of the future

Thanks for sharing your post with us @nonsowrites


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Yay, I win today, thanks for the Hive.

@nonsowrites Talks about how he as been learning about coding for the last 100 days. Sounds like he has learned a ton of information.

It's amazing what a motivated person can achieve in only 100 days... Congrats once again, @nonsowrites!