Stock images for Hive - Railway and Sunsets - 7 photos - Set #005

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Greetings, Hivers!

Today I am giving to the community these seven images with high angle views of railways at sunset.

You could freely use all those photos to illustrate your post, writing, etc. if the following conditions are met. Use them only on Hive. Mention and tag me in your post. A "thank you" / an upvote on any of my active posts / setting me as a small beneficiary / etc. is more than welcome, we're all here for glory and rewards, right? ;) Please note that if anyone uses those images without giving proper credit or claims ownership in any way, I will have to file a report for plagiarism. Respect to the creators!








Thank you, @minismallholding for this initiative and executing the idea. I hope this turns into something huge one day!

Thanks and stay safe!

Copyright: Damian Hadjiyvanov, Light Captured

Check out my photo site:

For licensing my photos, please drop me a message on Discord: lightcaptured#2698

Thank you for all the support!

Have a great photo! :P



These are stunning photographs you're allowing folks on Hive to use, with proper credit & an appropriate thank you of course! Very kind of you! @lightcaptured

Thanks a lot, Nina, I'll be more than honored if any of those becomes an illustration to a great writing :)

Talented writers are abundant on the Hive platform. Fingers crossed your images spark and get bloggers' creative juices flowing!👩‍💻✍👨‍💻

I hope this stock image directory will become a crossroad of the several arts represented on Hive. 😉

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Thank you very much :)

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