A Leap Of Faith Into The Snowy Night

Greetings, fellow sentient beings!

You might have noticed the drop of some temporary value lately, here and there. It is only natural to worry a bit about one's investments as one sees them in a moment of...well...dwindling. But ultimately, let us not forget it is our time that is the greatest investment we make in life and all its aspects. And it is always adwindling. Always uncertain. Not always remembered. Not always offering returns.

That being said, it doesn't seem such a psychological barrier itself compared to all its byproducts. Such as savings, for example.

In this case, my last liquid cryptocurrency. I had only a small amount left, sitting there on an exchange, waiting for some favorable winds. Other winds, sich as those behind Hive, seem to have taken a break. And so I thought that maybe waiting for winds isn't always the best of strategies. Sometimes it is, but that you never know.

When you can do something that seems reasonable to you...

...albeit risky...

...why don't you practice what you preach and take the leap of faith with no bridges left unburnt behind you?

Well, relatively speaking.

My only relevant entry into the cryptocurrency world is through the Hive blockchain. It does produce returns even though they might seem sometimes to be nothing but a few minor stones at a time, rolling towards the riverbed over which I'd like new bridges built.

The side project that I have invested the most when it comes to the Hive blockchain, is the dCity game. The one where you buy NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) that turn out to be buildings with properties of which your engine consists. An engine that shows some returns. Returns I have been quite happy with so far.

Well, there's that emotional thing about me and discovering technologies...Having my chance at the maximum of 25 % and not finding any new tech eight days in a row can make one feel unlucky...But I am still a believer in statistics.

And that's why I decided to turn the rest of my small crypto pool into Hive again, at this low price. So I bought about 600 or 700, brought it back in here, then deposited it as SWAP.HIVE tokens on hive-engine.com, converted it into SIM, which is the native token in the game, and then went on another building-buying rampage.

Up about 1000 population and 600 SIM income, which is a bit less than 3 Hive a day right now...maybe about 2.4 which means I might need 250 days to get all these returns back if I only follow these numbers.

But there are more numbers involved.

The rewards pool;
The technology discovery chance;
The market fluctuations;

And last but not least...

The value that the tokens keep

the same way real estate does. Only, it's virtual, depending on one project only, and time flies much faster than in the real estate business which goes both ways — as a risk and as a promise.

Then again, these buildings have much greater liquidity than real buildings do. I wouldn't quit on them right now, though. In fact...

Anyway ;)

A snapshot of my dCity collection on NFTs taken today, just before I began writing this post.

I wonder if we shall see bridges in some future edition of dCity. I think it's likely.

Good luck and have fun!



I was actually thinking about investing some actual crypto in my dCity city last night. I made 200 hive off my Splinterlands in-game currency DEC so I figured let's use half of that, 100 hive, to see what I can do to get some returns on dCity. I actually bought a couple things off you! I think 3x apartments hehe.


My city's population this morning was 56. 108 hive later, I'm now in the top 400! Hopefully I can get my homeless and immigrants to convert to workers soon but I'm liking the 151 SIM a day income, I will certainly be re-investing that as often as I can to get more cards either via the market or buying 1st or 2nd editions.

That's a good start. Taxes make it more difficult now. But you can still try to make progress by trading. Starting players have problems with the population being not enough but due to saturation of the entire market, homes are cheap to buy from other players.

Yeah, I was able to snag quite a few homes for really cheap and a bunch of luxury homes as well lately. I do like the bang for your buck the apartment offers over the others but they are a bit expensive!

Hoping I can maintain top 400 and better so that I can get a little bit of the hive rewards!

I think you'll be able to maintain it, as long as you make some progress.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 23 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 23 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

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