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While it was a long time ago, my time spent as an editor of a newspaper with a mere 30,000 per week distribution was a fun time in my life. It was the only time that I truly felt like I was in charge of something and while it never lead to a career in journalism for me (a situation I am thankful for these days) it does bring about some fond memories and times that I am grateful that I experienced.

Did I mention that I was not paid anything for this job?

Well because I feel as though I did a god job and made very little in the way of mistakes while in charge of the college newspaper, I find it particularly amusing when newspapers where the editors actually are paid and have a much wider distribution than we ever did, make egregious mistakes that should have been caught right away.

I'm not talking about using they're / their / there incorrectly or forgetting that it's is never possessive, I'm talking about massive mistakes in headlines or other such things and here are some fun examples.


How old are you when you first start understanding whether 4 is more than 6? I think I have seen toddlers that given the correct motivation like ice cream that understand more and less, but apparently the editor who presumably makes more money than all of the toddlers in the world, as well as the author of this piece, do not.


Well now! That is some insightful information now isn't it. I think if you were to ask a 4 year old what you call bugs that are flying around that this is exactly the sort of answer they would give.


We must end these sorts of situations and the answer lies in criminal justice reform..... or something


This one is probably the most amusing to me because in older publishing software all of the templates that you could purchase or were made available by default had characters pre-formatted to serve as a graphical representation as to what the finished product would look like. They used things that would jump out at you as being obviously the wrong text and perhaps that most famous was the " Lorem ipsum" text that would repeat over and over in Adobe products but all of them are meant to SHOUT at the editor to ensure that they change them before printing.

Based on what the media behaves like today, it wouldn't surprise me if this particular editor was promoted to a higher position.

These days, not much is even printed at all and because of this things are rushed to "print" even faster than they were back in the day. I find it unfortunate that all of the technology does all the work for them in preventing this sort of thing because I can assure you that this would still be happening en masse if it wasn't for the digital editor doing all the work. Some still sneaks through though because software doesn't know what is in an image and the biggest mistake we see today is images that don't have anything to do with what the text is about.... but we'll save that for another day.


hahaha, i love it! I haven't seen an actual newspaper in years. We used to have it delivered every day. I too miss it. I miss books too even though i was in love with my Kindle for years. It is now gathering dust somewhere in a drawer in my house.

I needed a chuckle this morning, thanks @dumb-news.

haha, i'm happy to help!

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