Akhun restaurant: abandonment and legends

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One of the interesting objects for urban tourists in Sochi is an abandoned restaurant on Mount Akhun. It is located not far from the observation deck at the top of the mountain. The restaurant attracts tourists not only with its architecture, but also with the legends associated with it, more precisely, with its closure. Some of them are frankly contrived, but there is one more or less real

The restaurant opened its doors to visitors in 1937. A beautiful building with columns, stairs, halls ... Beautiful views from the top of the mountain ... The total area of the institution is about 1000 square meters. The restaurant project belongs to the architect David Chisliev

It is said that the establishment was very popular with guests. And the guests vacationing there were not the last people in the country. But the restaurant was open for the whole season. After that, due to unclear circumstances, it closed, and from that moment various legends began.

According to the first legend, there was a fire in which many guests died. There is no official information, there are only scraps of information that in 1938 many commissions came to the restaurant to inspect the destroyed building. But they never came to any result.

Legend number two - the restaurant was closed for violations of sanitary standards. Due to the fact that it was idle for a long time, it gradually began to collapse. But, perhaps, the influx of visitors did not happen ... Just as some sources on the network claim, the restaurant is located at an altitude of 666 meters above sea level, which also influenced this place ...

Legend number three, the most believable in my opinion. The restaurant was almost a "closed" establishment for special guests, the elite of society. Night striptease, elite alcohol - and in Soviet times it was considered unacceptable. Anyone who could afford to pay for services not included in the menu could get to this place. Rumors gradually began to spread. They say the dancers began to disappear. The relevant authorities became interested in this place, carried out checks and detentions. The restaurant itself was closed under article for theft of socialist property. After some time, closer to the 80s, they tried to launch the restaurant again, but nothing happened due to low profitability. And every year the building required more and more financial investments.

Well, and another small local legend - in the early 2000s, on the way up to the restaurant, a tragedy happened - a car with the newlyweds fell into the abyss. They say that some lovers of abandoned places sometimes see two ghosts in the building - the bride and groom ...


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Wow.... even in such disrepair, you can tell it was magnificent at one time.

Too bad !

Such a nice place for a ghost to live.

Yes, I think the ghosts are very comfortable living there ..))

As for the building, at best, it can be used to make some more famous tourist place, but as a food establishment, it will not work anymore ...

It might be fun to take a picnic and eat outside on the balcony. Still a good view. :)

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The stories about legends are always interesting to follow, and you share that story with interesting photography. Thanks for sharing with us. :)

I'm glad it turned out to be interesting :)

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Thank you :)

Love this,
Fantastic architecture