My 8 LEGENDS of Sport | A 3 MINUTE Understanding of the Athletes that DEFINED MY LIFE JOURNEY!!!

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Sports Talk legend @cryptoandcoffee set a topic for the tribe this week, 'Legends of Sport'. I decided to talk about my own personal legends of sports. These are legends that defined my journey by introducing me to the sports that I love and the teams I support. Watch as I explain my 8 Legends of Sport in under three minutes.



Wolfgang Sport started in 2017 as a way to connect my passion for American and British sports. Today it's evolved into a blockchain sports blog pushing the boundaries into the crypto world and embracing Web3 technologies.

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Bloody brilliant video and happy you are getting involved on 3speak like this. I agree as we end up supporting teams through one or two things and normally it is because of a certain player. I was fortunate to grow up next door to Newlands rugby and cricket grounds so used to spend time playing sport with so many top players. Many of them lived in the same neighborhood so back yard cricket and touch rugby used to include many of them as well. There was a school field we used to hop over the fence and be playing with provincial and international stars at least 3 times per week. That type of thing most likely wouldn't happen now and this I think inspired me to try harder at sports.

Thank you, glad you liked it. I definitely feel the need to branch out to videos more regularly especially 3speak.

How awesome. I had a former colleague whos South African and he told me similar stories like yours. I've always been fascinated of provincial rugby in SA.

SA definitely underachievers in football, the last star I recollect is Steven Pienaar. Is football overshadowed that much in schools?

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Great video mate! Really punchy pace to it!

I didn't realise Ballack's goal scoring record for Germany was that good! Those are some amazing numbers from a midfielder.

Like you, as a kid I idolised the West Indies quicks. I was more a Curtly Ambrose fan especially after he destroyed the Aussies in 1992/93. I was actually living in Adelaide at the time and was at the Adelaide Oval when West Indies beat Australia by 1 run in that series. Curtly took 10 in the match but Courtney got the all important final wicket, although I'd imagine these days they'd have reviewed it and you might find it hit his helmet.

Thanks mate! Appreciate the feedback. I did videos about a year back and learnt a few lessons on the pace of my videos.

Oh my word thanks for sharing those highlights. I would've been a toddler at that time. Love seeing the old highlights and the fact there's no boundary rope so people would smash into the advertising hoards that would read "Benson and Hedges", the tobacco company

Yeah was only 10 myself but very vivid memories. Adelaide Oval is one of if not the best Test venue in the world.

B&H used to sponsor most cricket in Australia back then. As I recall the 92 World Cup that was also down under was sponsored by them. How times change!

Amazing! Draws comparisons to Malboro on a Ferrari F1 car I think it was. Just triggered a thought - perhaps marijuana advertisement may go down that route

I'd be surprised if they allow that although while you can't advertise drugs like nicotine and alcohol in most major sports it seems fine to advertise gambling, so who knows?

So true. With gambling there are certain times ads can't be shown on TV in Australia. I forgot what it was but there are some limitations. It's really bad how they draw on peoples emotions, and then have 'disclaimers' at the end as if they care for people who have problem gambling. A really dangerous thing to mess with if you get deeply involved.

I enjoy reading your post alot


Now that's how to deliver a video, punchy, interesting and done and dusted in under three minutes. I must try and get some content up on 3Speak myself at some stage, but man you're content there looks really professional, well done.

Good shout on Rubens Barrichello too, I really liked him as a driver too and also preferred Eddie Irvine over Schumacher, who like Hamilton I found it difficult to like. Nice ink as well dude 👍

Thanks heaps mate. I've started to learn the craft a bit after doing some videos last year. I learnt what not to do and have just been refining my craft bit by bit. Eddie Irvine fan? How about David Coulthard?

Thanks mate appreciate it. I did the ink a few years back, was a 7-8 hour straight session.

Those are great people. My favorite among is Michael Ballack. Great work boss