The Greatest One Club Players in Premier League History (Part 2)

G'day Hive. A couple of days ago I I wrote about some of the greatest one club players in Premier League history. You can see the post here. Today are the final four best one-club players in history. Just remember, I didn't include Steven Gerrard and Matt Le Tissier as they aren't technically one-club players.

greatest-one-club-players (3).jpg

4. Ryan Giggs (Man United)

Ryan Giggs was initially a part of the Manchester City School of Excellence before Ferguson turned up at his house with a scout offering him a youth contract before his first professional deal in 1990. He'd end up playing an incredible 672 games of top flight football and 963 in total for United across 24 years.

Naturally a winger, Giggs was so versatile he could play anywhere in attack and toward the latter end of his career, as a central or defensive midfielder, and even as a fullback. Giggs is one of the most decorated players of all-time, winning the Premier League thirteen times, two Champions League twice, four FA Cups and three League Cups.

3. Jamie Carragher (Liverpool)

Jamie Carragher may have been overshadowed by Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard during his career, but Carragher can at least lay claim to being a true one club player. A traditional central defender, he was vice-captain of Liverpool for ten years and is the second longest sever player ever for the club.

Carragher played 508 Premier League games for Liverpool, and 737 in all competitions. He won the FA Cup, League Cup, a UEFA Cup, Champions League and UEFA Super Cup, with only the Premier League alluding him. Carragher is considered a Liverpool legend and was also awarded the Freedom of the Borough of Sefton in 2008.

2. Tony Adams (Arsenal)

Mr Arsenal is considered one of the greatest ever players for Arsenal. A true one club legend, he spent three years of his youth career, and 19 years of his senior career at Arsenal in a career spanning from 1983 to 2002. Adams was such an influence that he was given the captaincy at the age of 21, a title he'd hold for 14 years until retiring.

Adams would win four league titles and three FA Cups with Arsenal, no doubt thanks to his strength, aerial ability and his perfectly timed tackles. He's also the only player in English football history to captain a title winning team in three different decades. Even more phenomenal is the fact he was able to do it all while battling with alcoholism.

1. Paul Scholes (Man United)

Considered one of the greatest Premier League midfielders of all-time and a Man United legend, Paul Scholes is the definition of a one club legend. Born in Greater Manchester, Scholes began training with United as a 14 year old and would finish with 499 Premier League appearances, playing in over 700 total games and scoring more than 150 goals.

Scholes signed his first professional contract in 1993 and would retire in 2011. He continued training with the United reserve team and had approached the club about coming out of retirement or potentially playing for a new team. Fortunately, United had a midfield injury crisis and he'd return midway through the season. A goal in a 4-0 win against Wigan Athletic meant he had achieved a record of scoring in 19 consecutive Premier League seasons.


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I am particularly impressed with Giggs and Scholes... Sorry, I won't mentioned Carragher hahaha it's a banter. I was blown away when Moratti tried to poach Scholes and he had this to say:
"I asked him to come and play for me but he said I would have to buy Manchester United for that to happen. To make it worse, he didn't even have an agent."

Those words ring through my head over the years since I heard it. What a man he was... especially when loyalty was still a thing in football.

Haha wow, I didn't know that Moratti went to poach. My favourite quote was Zidane when a reporter interviewed him.

Reporter: "What's it like being the best midfielder in the world?"

Zidane: "I don't know, ask Paul Scholes."

Hahaha what a classy response from Zidane. Xavi spoke about how they used to study Paul Scholes videos in training. Paul was really loyal and good. Inter wanted him then which was why Moratti wanted to poach.

Ahhh wow, him at Inter that would have been huge. I actually just need to check up on his eligibility as a one club great. In 2018 he played for his son's team Royton Town of the Manchester Football League Premier Division, at age 43.

Haha, nah we'll give it too him :)

Serious? Wow. That man didn't want to stop haha.

Didn't Tony Adams play for his prison team? 🤣 Just continuing the friendly North London banter ...


I am shocked that he wasn't Tottenham Youth Academy prospect that was again stolen by the arse-anal


It is getting hard to find one man club legend lately. Player moves much faster these days.

It sure is hard to find loyalty. I don't blame players though.

I'm certain that almost all of us have moved on from a job because of a better pay.

yes, that one factor is really hard to resist.

Tony Adams! Solid Solid Defender!! His statue just had to be at the Emirates.

To be able to do it whilst drunk makes it even more phenomenal! Wonder what someone with his ability would be able to do with the health and fitness regimes that clubs implement nowadays

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Where is Steven Gerrad, Alan Shearer and the rest of the premier league greats?

Nice compilation though

It says it in the opening paragraphs.

Shearer won the Premier League with Blackburn before he even joined Newcastle.

Ah great stuff, I was wondering who was left for part II and had all of these guys in my head, except Scholesy who I actually forgot about! These 4 would be pretty close to a best Premier League team of all team in my opinion..

Bro fair call to forget Scholesy. I had the convo with someone actually that he looked somewhat underwhelming. Maybe his ginger hair? But on the pitch he was just a beast. I'm sure Terry and Gerrard probably don't care because they got a massive bag full, but I do wonder if they ever think that it would have been better to be a one club player

Ya I think with Scholes, he was just unassuming, no hype, no bullshit, no ego, just the complete player and professional... Man, United had some team back then when you think about it..

You won't see too many more one club players either, the way greed and agents are in modern football.

Thanks for stopping by! Yep he looks underwhelming but wow could he play