ICC has announced the schedule of 2022 T20 World Cup, who are the opponents of Bangladesh?

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Epidemic Corona has shuffled all the pre-planned schedule of cricket that was supposed to be 2020-a boom is 2022 in 2021 after the same World Cup in Australia on 16th October this year the final 13th November 21 World Cup after the 2022 World Cup The time was old till the 5021 World Cup. The teams that managed to hold the first eight revenge in the rankings will play directly. The Tigers are not having a hard time playing in the first round of the World Cup, but they will have to qualify for the first round. Sri Lanka will face West Indies, Scotland and Namibia. The first match will be against Australia and New Zealand on October 12 at the Sydney Cricket Ground. England

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In the World Cup, India and Pakistan are in the group. South Africa and Fastfood are the winners of Group D and the runners-up team of the group. The match will be played at the same venue in Adelaide, Australia. Bangladesh will face two superpowers India and Pakistan against India. The World Cup dates for the birth of Melbourne and City will be played on November 10 in Australia with a total of seven ties.