The Sunday Night SportsNerd Show - Redemption!!!

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35 years is a long time to be a fan of the Buffalo Bills....

The first 15 years saw my beloved team go to 4 Super Bowls and lose them all. Forever known as the '4 falls of Buffalo'....It couldn't get any worse right?

For the next 20, we had to deal with the greatest quarterback ever and a franchise that I have grown to not just dislike but...Depise.

Last night, we slayed the dragon.....Destroying the new England Patriots 47-17.

And after this weeks games, sets us up for a rematch of last years AFC championship right bck at Arrowhead stadium, home of the Kansas City Chiefs.

What a time to be a Bills fan, so tonight was a WHOLE lot of smack talk, directed right in New England's direction...

Hope you guys get a kick out of the show!!!

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I remember the those Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas days 😫

That's all I've had for the past 30 years LOLOLOL

Except these last few years, finally get to experience winning again lol

What are those belts behind Big E?

Championship belts he's won from different fantasy football leagues in the past.