Ordering jerseys straight from the manufacturer in China will save you so much money

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Finding the cheapest source 💸

I've been obsessed with wearing sports jerseys ever since I was a child. My favorite is basketball and soccer, but I will even go for a cool football or baseball jersey from time to time.

The price of jerseys from the official team store is usually insane. You're looking at $80-100+ minimum for a nicely stitched version. I've always wondered why people pay insane prices like that, I haven't ever once in my life paid full price for a jersey of any kind.

I have always found a way to source all the jerseys I could ever imagine from the manufacturer. Pretty much all of these things are crafted in China, where the cost is significantly lower than here. I'm talking a range of $10-15/jersey, and that is including shipping and no minimum order size. Of course, the more you order, the better deal you get.

It used to be hard to find a reliable Chinese jersey website, but now it is easier than ever to purchase directly from the source where you will be getting them at the cheapest price.

Welcome to the e-commerce world of https://www.alibaba.com/

My experience in the past 🧐

My brother and I both have ordered from Alibaba sellers multiple times in the past. We have always received products that were basically identical to the official jerseys. They even hold up well over many years of wear. The only bad thing I can say about it is that shipping can sometimes take several weeks since the package will be traveling all the way from China.

Alibaba is simple, you just search for whatever team/player you want and you will find results. It's smart to try to buy everything from the same seller to save on shipping, but even that isn't a must if you don't mind paying a few extra coins.

I just purchased two separate orders on Alibaba last night. Some NBA Basketball and FIFA World Cup 2022 jerseys. It was pretty difficult to narrow everything down, but I was able to find 6 jerseys that I absolutely love.

I almost cannot believe just how cheap it all turned out to be. Let's take a look at the total cost.



Not too bad of a deal right? A total of just a hair over $100. If I were to have purchased these same jerseys here in the USA, it would have cost me nearly $500 for all of them. Isn't that such an insane difference?


I must absolutely recommend that you never pay full price for any jersey again after this. If you just want to wear your jerseys instead of collecting, this is the way to go.

Now let's look closer at each of the jerseys that I recently purchased.

NBA Basketball

Basketball jerseys are by far my favorite. I love tank tops and I love the sport. Plus the players are always some of the coolest and most recognizable to me. I have four particular favorite jerseys right now, one that I didn't already own I mean. It would be hard to top any Iverson jersey since he is my favorite player ever.

Check out my choices:

Phoenix Suns "Devin Booker" - City

NBA 2K23 cover athlete Devin Booker is such a baller. Ever since I first saw the Sun's "City" jerseys last year, I have wanted one. Especially whenever the Suns were playing in the finals. The colors on this one are just so sexy. It would have been cool to get this in Steve Nash, but that was not available.


Charlotte Hornets "LaMelo Ball" - City

LaMelo is perhaps one of the best young players in the league right now. He is the most exciting of the Ball brothers to watch, despite being the youngest of the three NBA Ball Brothers. This "City" jersey is one of the coolest designs ever. I just love the gradient honeycomb texture on the top portion, plus it's my favorite color.


Miami Heat "Dwayne Wade" - Miami Nights

Although Dwayne Wade is now retired, I have always loved him as a player. He played for the Miami Heat all of his career and this "Miami Nights' jersey is the best Heat jersey to ever exist. I wanted this style with Jimmy Butler's name/number, but that was not an option from this seller. So, Wade, it was.


Memphis Grizzlies "Ja Morant" - Classic Vancouver

Another one of my all-time favorite jerseys. This classic Vancouver Grizzlies jersey is unforgettable. I fell in love with these back in the day playing NBA Hangtime on N64. The green color with the amazing border design and font is just such an amazing design. What makes it even better is that it is Ja Morant, who I'd say is my favorite player in the NBA right now.


FIFA World Cup 2022

Soccer or football (depending on where you are in the world) is certainly my second favorite sport. Especially during World Cup times every 4 years. I am obsessed with international play and there is none better than the World Cup.

With 2022's World Cup kicking off in Qatar this November, the hype is here already. Some, but not all teams have announced their official jerseys. My two favorite teams are Brazil and Argentina. You guessed it, that means I love Neymar Jr and Lionel Messi. Funny thing is, the last time I ordered soccer jerseys it was these same two players, except in different styles and a smaller size that I barely fit into anymore.

Brazil has yet to unveil its official jerseys for the World Cup, but this seller marked this unique style as the official jersey. This may not turn out to be the official style, but I will still love wearing it either way.

Argentina has already unveiled its official jersey. Somehow this seller already had it ready to purchase. So I of course went with it, this white and blue striped style has always been so iconic to me.

Brazil "Neymar Jr"


Argentina "Lionel Messi"


One thing that I am not sure of yet is whether or not these soccer jerseys will have the official sponsor and team logos with the player number on the front. The image listed on the seller page didn't show either, however, the official jerseys do have that. I really hope that they look like this next photo instead of being blank on the front. These were so cheap that I thought it was worth the risk to just go ahead and order anyway.


Which jersey is your favorite❓

I have to go with the LaMelo Ball jersey. I saw an article about him wearing it last night while I was high off an edible. Next thing I knew I was on Alibaba trying to get one for myself finally. I've been craving some new jerseys for many months and now just seemed like a good time to finally do it.

I'd say I'll have all of these within a month's time. We shall see though, never know with international shipping.

Leave a comment and tell me which of these jerseys are your favorite. Feel free to tell me your favorite jersey that I didn't purchase too. I love talking sports, although I don't post about them too often.

Be sure to use https://www.alibaba.com/ the next time you go to purchase a jersey(s).

If all goes well, I should be in Hagerstown, MD starting my vacation as this blog posts. I'm writing it early in the morning before we depart and scheduling it to go live at my usual time in the evening. I say that because I will be a bit slower than usual in replying to comments.

Thanks for reading my blog.


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I used to wear jerseys allot when I was a kid. As a bigger kid, basketball jerseys were not my favorite, I would always wear a shirt under it. I wore more baseball, football, and hockey jerseys.

I used to love my Mighty Ducks jerseys. I had the OG one from the first move and then one from the 1st year of the actual NHL team.

My most comfortable was my old licensed Alabama jerseys though, they were comfortable as hell. I used to get those from the university so that was always fun, lol. My uncle was a rich alumni so we got some cool perks for a while, lol. Then I went to school there, and that's a whole other story, lol, ended up with a 3 month stint in the Tuscaloosa County Hilton, lol.

But yeah, I don't really do sports anymore, at least since I started taking LSD and mushrooms and was like, why are humans tribal, lol. We are all one consciousness experiencing life through different perceptions, lol.

That being said, I would wear a Weedcash jersey with the number 420 on it, lol.

I had a period where I wore basketball jerseys with a t shirt under. They made us in school, you literally were not allowed to wear tank tops. Unreal. School is legit a prison for children.

That mighty ducks jersey sounds dope. I loved that movie. I got a nashville predators jersey the year they came into the league. Also had a Winnipeg jets jersey a few years ago, but not sure where it went.

Bama is quite the team to rock. So consistently dominant in football. My favorite football jersey ever is the Dan Marino Miami Dolphins jersey in teal. I gave mine away to this football obsessed dude I met… crazy thing is he died earlier this year and I’m sure that jersey isn’t appreciated by anybody now because he’s gone. Dude was younger than me and I’m not even 30 quite yet.

I loved and played sports all throughout my childhood. As I got older it faded. When I smoked dmt and ate shrooms several times, I swear I had that same affect of not being able to care about sports anymore. Many years later, I am able to talk about and occasionally check sports stuff or maybe even watch a game where and there. But I am still nowhere near where I used to be with being obsessed with sports like I was when I was a kid.

You can get custom jerseys made on Alibaba too! I think minimum order for those on most places was 3, but if you link up with several people before you buy to commit to getting one with you, it wouldn’t be so bad. Would just have to reship them once they arrive from China.

Okay, I forgot about my Dan Marino jersey, had one of those too... Wore that thing out, lol. It was my pro day jersey and my Alabama jersey was college day, lol.

Lord, how did I forget that one, lol. Yeah, my mom's family is from the Keys and were obsessed with the Dolphins, lol. My grandad had a football signed by the entire 72 superbowl team when they dedicated the Marathon Dauphins first ever football team. My grandad was the coach, lol. My mom has the ball now encased in glass. It's a nice piece.

Sounds like a good thing. I brought up that Marino jersey. Dolphins are such a cool team. Your story about your family and the Dolphins history is great.

Yeah it’s a fun history. But yeah I will have to check out the alibaba jerseys.

Don’t get on there fried like I did. Or else you may end up getting too many like mr 😅

I must absolutely recommend that you never pay full price for any jersey again after this. If you just want to wear your jerseys instead of collecting, this is the way to go.

Great topic! I am a huge collector of jerseys I have hundreds and hundreds. I cannot bring myself to wear the genuines and I can spot them apart now after years of training.

The ones I bought which were fakes I end up wearing and thrashing. The fakes no doubt don't last as long so you do get what you pay for. I rest easy knowing I'm not thrashing a jersey from my collection

There are small details here and there that a seasoned collector can point out, but that's pretty rare. Most have no idea. As long as I don't put these "fakes" in the dryer, I've never had other issues. I'm more than happy to just buy cheap ones over and over and always have new jerseys if something goes wrong with one of them I mean.


great tip!

i didn't know u could order just a few things at a time from alibaba. i thought they only do bulk. u mean u dont get like 1000 jerseys at a time? :P


IMO this one is the prettiest one. but no NFL representation?? :P da bears. da browns..

Don't have to do bulk unless getting custom designs with your own name or logo. I think the most I've ever ordered at once was like 16 😅

You, I and most of my family all agree that the Wade jersey is the coolest. I'm honestly not big on football jerseys, they just don't look quite as good on me and I literally never watch NFL or NCAA football anymore.

it is very nice to see a shop that will sell jerseys, for that amount, I have purchased an electronic part from Alibaba before which I use for a project in school and the price was way better than my homeland online market jumia but the issue is that it takes almost two months to arrive, 43 days before it arrived, Alibaba is a place to buy things at a cheaper price, and three jerseys for the price of one is very good, one can even get discount if he/she purchase more.

Alibaba is such a robust marketplace. Although the UI isn't perfect. If you can find what you're looking for, it's going to be positive results. However shipping will not be immediate or even remotely quick. I've only ordered things that I didn't need right away.

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At what cost to human dignity is this cheaper price accommodated?

I hope there is not slave labor involved. I have never done a deep dive on sporting goods in China, but now I am tempted.

Hard to say. I wouldn't want any person living a real life hell. Every place has its own work conditions though, can't say 100% of Chinese manufacturing jobs are slave labor, some surely are though and that's horrible.

I may have got these from a place where the workers are treated great and happy. They may feel the total opposite and I'd feel very sorry for them if they are unhappy with their lives. Sometimes humans are born into pretty awful lives and have no way to get out.

However even if I paid full price for these, they are still manufactured in China... most likely from the same places that are on Alibaba.com, because otherwise how would they have all of the templates for every single jersey in existence so there really is no way to get around it besides just not buying jerseys. I'm just getting them at manufacturer price, rather than uncharged retail.

I say go for that deep dive bro!
I have a feeling at least here in the USA, over there next several years we will start to move away from most of our stuff being produced by China. I love seeing those made in America stickers on stuff, but it's not as common as made in China stickers. At least now at this time.

On this note, I like the Messi jersey for sure and would love to see him and Ronaldo do a 1v1 for the title of all time best.

I was so close to getting a Ronaldo jersey too, but couldn't find the one I wanted on the sellers store and was trying not to spend too much Ronaldo is 3rd, with Messi and Neymar cooler to me.
Would love to see Portugal/Argentina in the finals. It will be both of their best players last World Cup most likely.

Canada is in this world cup, so I have to root for this team, it's our first run at the cup.

Hopefully our goal scorer is back, he was out with myocarditis and missed a few games last year.

Good for the Canadians to have made it again finally, but I'm sure their chances of winning are less than 1%. It would be cool to see them surprise Belgium or Croatia. Morocco may be more even of a matchup, I don't know much about them or Canada's squad.

We beat Mexico so everyone has high hopes.

it is impressive the money spent on those jerseys just over $100 when for that price maybe in an original team store you could get just one. Also good player choices for the jerseys

Only one just would be such a bad choice when there is an option to get 6 for the price of 1.

if it is true we can also choose them from our favorite players

Dhgate.com is good too for all kinds of stuff!

Yes, that is another excellent place to buy. I've gotten things from there before too. I honestly just like the name of Alibaba better though 😆

Yeah, I looked at some ak47 gold lamps from there 1 time.... Never grabbed them cuz i never used that site.. I might have to check it out now I know its legit.

Very good and the price is affordable.
Thanks for your valuable information. Genuine experience 👏

I'm so excited and having this option to buy cheaper is amazing.

My favorite will always be Messi. I'm a Messi fan and I can't wait to get one of them. If the cargo takes 3 weeks to get there, that's good. In my country it can take up to 3 months.

By the way, have a nice holiday, my friend! Enjoy the sea, sand and sun!

Messi is such a cool player. I like him even more now that he has a bunch of tattoos. I've always loved Argentina. One of my first soccer jerseys ever was a Hernan Crespo Argentina and also a Thierry Henry Arsenal.

Thanks bro! A great first day, but I really just can't wait to get to the beach this afternoon.

Crespo is a true legend and the first time I saw Henry he was as good as Messi. Then Messi went to a different level.

I hope you have a more than wonderful holiday!

Messi used to be so young and new, but yea he's an old man now and everybody knows him as a legend.

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