The 147th Kentucky Derby

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After a very untraditional year due to Covid-19, this past Saturday, the Kentucky Derby was back in full form running on the first Saturday in May as it should be. Last year it was run in September and I think they didn't allow spectators or something crazy like that.

I have never been, but the Kentucky Derby is one of those sporting events that is on my bucket list. I have heard it is a truly life changing experience. I have heard the same thing about the Indy 500 as well.

Which is quite odd because normally you would think of those two events as being pretty mundane. The Kentucky Derby is over in less than three minutes usually (I think), and the Indy 500 is just a bunch of cards going round and round in circles. They don't even get the fun twists and turns that the formula circuit gets over in Europe.

What I have heard though, is what makes these events so great is the atmosphere and just the awesomeness of the event itself. Can you imagine spending all day at the track with the men in their bespoke suits and the ladies in their hats? Mint Julips and other delights being passed around and imbibed by all?

My sister used to live down in Kentucky (outside Lexington), and at one point they got me some of the candies from the place that supplies them for the derby. They were deliciously delectable. I hope that one day I can sample them again, but on the hallowed grounds of Churchill Downs.

I am sure @nuthman, and @patrickulrich might know what I am talking about since they both live or lived in Kentucky.

There were some great stories this year.

Did you hear the one about the group of buddies who decided to go in together and buy a racehorse? That horse came in show (3rd place). Talk about an awesome feeling!

How about the horse that had 12 to 1 odds and ended up winning the whole thing? That was pretty awesome as well.

I was quickly trying to make some bets on the race with my mobile apps now that sports betting is legal in my state, but it appears you needed to have a special app for these triple crown races. I wasn't able to get a bet in. I probably would have put it all on Hot Rod Charlie though. That is the horse that came in 3rd.

Honestly, I have never really been into horse racing. I kind of feel like it is a little brutal. My wife feels the same, we watched it none the less. I think if given the opportunity, she would also love to attend the event and hear the thundering of the hooves as the horses come down the stretch.

As brutal as we think it is, you have to realize that most of these horses get whipped for 3 minutes and then they get to stud out for the rest of their lives.

I think I'd be okay with three minutes of whipping if that was the trade off! :)


Is this photo yours? I love it ... And I always wanted to have the possibility of visiting the Kentucky Derby. Would love to photograph there!

No, sorry, it was from Pixabay, but not attribute was required. I still should have sourced it I guess. I apologize for that. I hope to visit the Derby one day as well!