College Hoops Wrap-up 1/21/2022

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It was a long week for me basketball-wise. With Michigan State not playing until tonight and my nieces being off for most of the week I didn't have much to keep my occupied. Sure, I could have watched some of the other non MSU games that were on, but honestly, I had life stuff going on, so it was just was well I focused on that.

Monday night there was only one top 25 game this past week. It was a two overtime barn burner but ended with #4 Purdue edging out #17 Illinois. These are two teams that I am very worried about in the Big 10. They are tough and I think Illinois could be that sleeper team that makes a late run up the ranks and suddenly finds themselves in the top 5 come tournament time.

Tuesday night gave us tweleve top 25 games with one of them being postponed and the other 11 being played.

There were a couple upsets on Tuesday night. Probably the biggest was unranked Florida State over #6 Duke in overtime by one point. Well done Seminoles. Additionally, unranked Kansas State took down #23 Texas, and #18 Texas Tech beat #15 Iowa State for a mid-level upset.

Wednesday only gave us five games but it also gave us two upsets, so I can't complain about that at all.

Unranked Alabama beat #13 LSU and unranked Marquette beat #11 Villanova. They were both really close games each of them only being decided by three points.

Thursday had seven games on the slot and only one of them was an upset. Unranked Indiana took down #4 Purdue. That isn't super surprising since it was kind of an in state rivarly there.

Gonzaga had an easy victory over San Francisco and retains the #1 spot.

Tonight we only have two top 25 matchups. Illinois is back at it against Maryland and Michigan State faces off against Wisconsin. I see that MSU dropped from 10 to 14 after their loss to Northwestern last weekend. I am glad it wasn't more of a slide. I am concerned about this game and their next one against Illinios though. Both of those teams have on of the top three scorers in the country so it will likely be a tough road for them. Especially if they play like trash.

I will probably be catching that game tonight after I watch my nieces play basketball via the streaming app for their schools.

On a side note, we found out this week that at the basketball tournament my nieces played in last week there was a coach there from Ohio State University. You probably think that is typical for a showcase tournament like that. Well, it wasn't a basketball coach, it was the crew coach for their rowing team. Apparently he was impressed with what I can only guess was our oldest nieces physique and he approached her basketball coach to see if she had ever considered rowing.

I personally don't see her enjoying that particular sport, but it is interesting that coaches from different disciplines attend other events to scout the talent. Smart on their part I guess. You can usually tell if someone is going to make basketball their sport of choice by the way they play. If you can find the ones that don't have a future in the sport and guide them in a different direction where they might excell, why not...

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