Week 10 Questions- Artificial Intelligence

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  1. When in comes to future outlook, especially in terms of machine learning and artificial intelligence, respected figures in the industry always seem to give optimistic predictions on how fast the technology will advance. For example, Elon Musk stating that self driving cars will be common and prevalent in the year 2020, yet the year is 2021 and self driving cars are still being developed and not quite where experts thought they would be. Why is this? Why does the technology seem to be moving slower than mant experts believe and predict?

  2. As stated in the lecture, jobs that require skill and complex motion are not nearly as easy to program as simpler input-output programming. Does that mean that the possibility of robotic house clears and landscapers is simply not financially viable? Or will the technology slowly overcome this obstacle and robots will invade every type of industry?

  3. Since many large businesses and corporations are putting massive amounts of time and energy into research and development of robotics, as well as many people trying to find jobs in this arena, does this make the skilled laborer more and more rare and coveted?